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Claire Yurika Davis designs dreamy and sustainable latex

Claire Yurika Davis designs dreamy and sustainable latex

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Claire Yurika Davis is definitely my designer crush right now. Inspired by Japanese cinema, The Matrix, and sustainably, Davis is the museless designer championing sustainability through sheer and sexy latex at her brand Hanger, Inc.

I first became aware of Davis when I was attempting to watch Next In Fashion, Netflix’s shiny new competition reality series hosted by Alexa Chung and Tanner France. The show introduces us to 10 experienced designers from all over the globe who have been brought together to compete for $250,000 and the chance at becoming a household name. The show was really fun. Eccentric and eventive, even. Unfortunately, I didn’t actually make it past the third episode. Nothing against the show, it just didn’t fit into my current trying-to-survive-university lifestyle which has been notably characterized by household-wide Netflix bans.

Not all was lost.

Through watching this show I discovered Claire Yurika Davis, whose brand motto is: Sustainable. Renewable. Seasonless. I recognized her designs from images that had been making the rounds on Tumblr and I was so excited because now I had a name to put to the looks that managed to be sultry, eccentric, and subtle all at the same time. Davis’ brand, which you should be following on Instagram, truly walks the talk: the brand as a whole is switching over to made-to-order sales in efforts to cut down product waste and embody fully embody their ethics.

The following pieces are from Hanger’s season 8 Sleepy Chan: The Temple of Sleepy Chan which you can browse more in depth on the official lookbook.

Before you go, check out Sleepy Chan: the concept-film directed by Jade Jackman in collaboration with the “London-made” and “Japan-rooted” brand Hanger.

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