Coach 1941 and Calvin Klein | Wet Suits and Disney Knits Stunned on the Runway

 Coach 1941

Coach 1941 debuted its 2019 Spring/Summer Collection at New York Fashion Week on September 11th. The collection showcased 64 pieces, emulating rugged, romantic desert vibes. Much of the collection featured oversized sweaters, creatively layered looks, and flowy ruffled dresses. Creator Director, Stuart Vevers, also used muted, nostalgic colour schemes for an edgier take. Some pieces gave off a playful vibe with Disney characters etched onto the fabric.

“This is a different way of looking at craftsmanship and what luxury can mean,” says Vevers “But it’s also about seeing beauty in imperfection.”

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein debuted their 2019 Spring collection at New York Fashion Week on September 11th. The collection, designed by Belgian designer, Ref Simons, took to 1970s thriller, Jaws for inspiration. Pieces featured the iconic Jaws insignia printed onto graphic tees and pleated skirts. Hemlines and cuts somewhat emulating shark bites were seen on some of the pieces. Simons’ collection aimed to satirize the good and bad aspects of American culture.

“The landscape of America – literal and psychological – inspires Calvin Klein. A journey through America leads, inevitably, to the edge of the landscape: the beach,” Simons wrote in notes for the show.

By Ann Marie Elpa