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Cosmic artist Latashá talks her latest drop, the afrofuturistic “Gogo Wyne”

Cosmic artist Latashá talks her latest drop, the afrofuturistic “Gogo Wyne”

Young, gifted and Black is the boss-chic energy behind Latashá‘s most recent track Gogo Wyne. Self-described as an Energy Goddess and living up to the name, Latashá is an LA based artist, poet, and holistic businesswomen who brings an artistic, empowering flair to Black femininity. Her most newest single “Gogo Wyne” is reminiscent of the Afro-futuristic arts movement that seeks to inspire freedom within the Black social experience by creating liberating, progressive representations free of racism, suppression, and “other”-ing. These futuristic tones infuse music and visual art with grooviness, contagious joy, and hopeful experiences for Black futures.

The styling of Gogo Wyne’s visual aspect brings a mystical sense of upbeat energy to the forefront as Latashá herself plays the role of a fortune teller for the young, black and gifted. 

What inspired the lyricism and visuals behind “Gogo Wyne”? 

I’ve been deeply exhausted by all the reminders of Black erasure. Tired of feeling like we don’t belong here. I’ve rapped about it for years and I finally hit my breaking point mid-production of Gogo Wyne music video with all the terrible news we were getting about Black lives being taken. I’ve been cultivating a new creative inspirational platform for artists, especially Black artists, to allow rituals to lead to organic success called “LYTEWRK” and I felt it was time to introduce LYTEWRK in the video and also push the idea of Black Success and Black Joy. I need to see more of it, so I decided to be it.  The lyrics are for dancehall queens, voodoo queens, sex workers and women getting what belongs to them. I use to watch this Jamaican movie called “Dancehall Queen” as a kid and I loved seeing the women at the parties taking over the scene with all their confidence. I always keep them in mind when I’m performing and the song exudes that energy. It is also an affirmation song packed with protection spells and words to bring abundance to Black women. 

Can you tell us about the creative process behind the video?

I am 1/4 part of a creative production team called LYTEHAUS Media, which include my two best friends and partner, and we all worked on GOGO WYNE together. I creative directed and my partner, Jahmel Reynolds directed the video. It was extremely tough cause we had to shoot in the middle of the pandemic, during curfews and so the original idea for the video had to be shrink down to shooting in our house and garage, with no external funding. Jahmel actually wrote a Director’s Memoir on the process of the video on his site Overall, I wanted to display different characters in Black feminine success through my looks and remind the world that this energy, no matter the limitations and people trying to kill us, can never die. 


What inspired you to start making music?

I subconsciously was always writing music since a kid. I use to pretend to be Left Eye and Chili from TLC, that turned to writing poetry, that turned to being in cyphers and that turned to making my first mixtape “The Presentation” in 2011 to old Kanye beats. I was always manifesting my music. My relationship with music started out like a bad boyfriend who was messing with my soul. But in 2015, I took control of my music and pushed forward independently. I’m inspired by everything but what keeps me going are women and girls like me, who are in and out of feeling unseen and/or unheard. I make music for me and her, so we can know our power, take hold of our energy and remember our worth. 

Can you tell me about your poetry and how this began for you? 

I was secretly writing poetry since I was around 13. When I was 15 I had boyfriend who was shot and murdered. He was the first person to hear my poetry and believe in me. He also wanted to be a rapper. I’m sure he was a spiritual force in pushing me to go for my poetry and then go for Hip Hop. 

What are the key messages in your music? How would you describe your approach?

Empowerment, spirituality, swag, honesty, vulnerability, sensitivity and Blackness are my key messages. I usually start with a flow of conscious and then hone on it, flip it, until it feels good. Sometimes, it’s all flow. A lot of times, I feel like a vessel and the messages are being downloaded to me. Sometimes I have no clue how my songs are made. They just happen. 


How did you develop your signature style?

Honestly, the visions for performances just come at random moments. Maybe some ancestral energy channelling mixed with all my experiences from growing up in the hood, magic and moods. I think it also comes from my poetry. I like to turn word into experience too. I also love theater, film and Hip Hop. I like to make my performances connect with the senses and take you on a surreal but real journey. Super inspired by M.I.A and Missy Elliott. 

What can we expect to hear from you in your upcoming songs?

My upcoming songs are gonna be more deeply poetic and personal. The next project is about my evolution and the sound will range from all the sounds I love and grew up on like House to Calypso. I’m also going to be connecting with my ritual work and bring more spells for ya head tops. I have some songs coming up with Honey Dijon that I am super hype about too . However, what my heart is really beating about is “Lytewrk” and the mediation music coming from that. It’s about to get live. And I’m so ready. 

Through Latashá’s lyrics and playful performance she stylishly creates a tone of self-empowerment, and shows us how she is ascending through life with a smooth rap flow and carnival club sounds. Her artistry shows how liberation can come out of transforming challenging situations into a positive space for healing. This shows a contemporary perspective of Afrofuturism where black empowerment is put to the front as the main focus behind the music.

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