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Daze: A Playlist Curated by JGrrey

Daze: A Playlist Curated by JGrrey

There are certain times in life where you just need to escape and nothing helps you do that better than music. Jennifer Clarke aka @jgrrey is a talented singer known for her vocals that will leave you in a dreamlike state, check out her COLORS sessions featuring her popular song “Don’t Fade” for proof.


JGrrey has blessed us with a playlist titled Daze, which is full of an eclectic mix of songs but what they all have in common is that they are emotive, overwhelmingly deep, and you can hear and feel the artist’s virtuosity. Hear in her own words what she says about Daze, “This playlist is quite random I guess. But absolutely everyone one of these songs made me listen to them over and over again the first time I heard them and think ‘How have they done this?’. Music is art, and these songs are beautiful, inspiring, spacious and have influenced how I see and hear music in my own musical journey.”

Songs like Kelis’ “Caught Out There” will help you rage, Amy Winehouse’s “Tears Dry On Their Own” will help you feel all the feels and Nelly’s “I’m Like A Bird” will help you feel free.

To feel more of JGrrey’s entrancing energy, give her latest Grreydaze EP a listen and check her out at The Ends Festival and Glastonbury this summer.

By Tomi Otekunrin
Cover Photo Grace Jones By Jean-Paul Goude, 1985
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