Artist Diana Lynn VanderMeulen’s app is a bubbly pink interactive dreamscape

Swampy Gogo is an augmented reality app designed by Toronto-based artist Diana Lynn VanderMeulen. The app slash game hybrid arguably contains no real objective, however it’s easy enough to find a reason to play it when you consider its dreamy, otherworldly landscape of ultra-bright fuschias, purples, and pinks. You don’t compete in the world of Swampy Gogo, and you don’t play against other players for points. You simply roam, all alone, through the magical rainbow swamp. You and the little sparkling flowerlings that hatch like golden eggs behind you as your aimless journey unravels in a stretch of endless virtual beauty.

The app has a full five star, with one user describing it as “a spa day for my mind.”

The app provides a captivating contrast to the consistent, cyclical demands of every day life. If this still makes no sense to you, definitely check it out on the App Store.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Diana’s work, you can find her on her Instagram.