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Does Ab-Sculpting really work? We Tried the EmSculpt Machine

Does Ab-Sculpting really work? We Tried the EmSculpt Machine

In the world of beauty, there’s no end to the number of devices, machines, and injectibles you can try. Hell, it seems like there’s a new one on the market every day. But something you don’t see often is a machine that promises to sculpt your abs and give you a stronger core. One that’s not all about melting away your curves, but building some muscle. EmSculpt is a treatment that doesn’t seek to remove fat. Instead, it works to strengthen and build the muscles themselves by using revolutionary technology.

How Does It Work?

EmSculpt is the first-ever non-surgical device to sculpt and build muscles while simultaneously burning fat. It uses high-frequency electromagnetic energy to safely contract muscle cells and burst fat cells. Nothing has ever targeted muscles before, yet many devices claim to remove fat. You can use the machine for your abs, your glutes, and the inner and outer thighs.

The non-invasive HIFEM technology induces 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions in separate sessions that are about 30 minutes. You can change the settings of the machine for intensity at any point during the treatment. The way it works is by contracting muscles in such an intense way, there’s no way you could ever do it in real life. It works 100% of the muscles you have wherever you are targeting the machine.

In 2019, I speak to Dr. Neinstein, a liposuction specialist, and the first surgeons to offer EmSculpt in-home in the New York City area, about the EmSculpt machine and all of its benefits. Recently, I scheduled an EmSculpt appointment with him for a tune-up. He called me a day prior to my appointment and told me he could bring the device to me. Like in my actual home. I was initially shocked, after all, it is an expensive piece of equipment to wheel around the five boroughs but agreed. A day later, Dr. Neinstein’s assistant delivered the machine to my apartment and placed it in my living room. You can do the EmSculpt treatment every 24 – 48 hours, I could strap on the two paddles every day, on either the abdomen or the booty.

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How Does It Feel?

To be clear, this procedure is not painless, but it’s definitely a feeling you’ve never experienced before. It’s like doing abs at the gym, without doing them, but feeling that intensity times 100. You can feel the contractions deep inside of your abdomen. There’s a rhythm to it as well. First, the contractions come and go (with seconds apart) for around four minutes. Then comes the break-up of the lactic acid in your body. This is around a minute long and is a tapping motion that is generally less intense than the contractions. It costs around $750 to $1,000 per session, and you need 3 – 4 sessions to see results. You can expect to see the results two weeks after your last treatment.

Did I See Any Results?

With EmSculpt, you never get a dramatic result right away. There’s a gradual incline you experience and catches you off guard. After a week of treatments, I surprised myself how well the machine worked. I walked by the mirror in my living room and noticed my waist was trimmer and that my butt looked a lot bigger. Like when I experienced EmSculpt before, my favorite part was the strength you get after using this machine.

After months of quarantine, no gym available, and zero motivation whatsoever, the foundation is laid for me to try to exercise again made me so excited for the gyms to open up here in New York. When you see results and you can actually feel how powerful you are, it’s more than inspiring. Exercise is such an important part of my wellness routine, it’s had quite an effect on my mood and how I feel day today. Being able to do EmSculpt again gave me the extra push I needed. And the entire experience was completely COVID-safe!

If you want to try EmSculpt for yourself, visit Dr. Neinstein at Neinstein Plastic Surgery in New York City.

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