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Drop these in your cart: Our top makeup trends for 2021

Drop these in your cart: Our top makeup trends for 2021

With the start of the new year, 2021 brings hope for lively days ahead. Regardless of any circumstances, makeup is bound to continue to bring elevated creativity and glamorous fun to this New Year! To celebrate a fresh start, we’ve rounded out our favorite projected makeup trends for 2021, and provided some incredible products to help get the look! Keep reading for more.

1) A Bold ’80s Look

Modern use of pink, purple and blue eyeshadow with cool-toned rosy cheeks brings this trend back to life (in the chicest of ways). Play up eyes, lips, and cheeks with fun colors that embody your parents’ favorite 80s Icons (eye-cons).

For bold eyes try Jane Iredale’s Eye Steppes ($56.00 at, this effervescent compact opens like a staircase to reveal color that goes from soft to sultry in highly pigmented, crease-resistant formulas! The rich purple and grey-toned shades blend meticulously with neutrals for a modern 80s inspired look (that doesn’t take it too far!).

Courtesy of Jane Iredale

Douse cheeks in this complimentary berry shade, Blush Box in Burgundy by Catrice ($6.00 at This formula is highly pigmented, but sheers and builds impeccably for a full-bodied flush.

Courtesy of Catrice Cosmetics

2) Naturally Full, Bushy Brows

The trend of lush brows continues to follow us into 2021. While we’ve seen tons of routines and ways to get full brows, simplify your brow story with a few fewer trips for wax or thread and an excellent brow gel. Essence’s Make Me Brow, Eyebrow Gel Mascara ($2.99 at contains tiny fibers that immediately fill in sparse spots to achieve fuller brows in just a few strokes!

Courtesy of essence

3) Super-Duper Long Lashes

Eyes lead the way into 2021 with extreme lash-lengths taking center stage. To build your longest, fullest lashes yet, Revlon offers a fantastic range of eye-opening options available here. This brand outweighs even the most expensive of comparable options. The So Fierce! Big Bad Lash Mascara from Revlon, ($9.49 ).

Courtesy of Revlon

4) Fresh, Natural Glowing Skin

While imperfections used to call for heavy-duty concealer, the look of natural skin takes center stage in 2021 with individuals embracing flaws when applying concealer and cover-up. Fresh skin is created with enhancers to mimic the precise look of skin’s traditional texture and tone. Under-eyes, freckles, and blemishes are now more than ever left unconcealed, with skin’s overall appearance enhanced but not masked. Welcome skin tints that add coverage, but don’t change your *always* naturally gorgeous complexion!

Are you into clear coverage? We love the classic Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Foundation ($64) for hydrating and lightweight coverage. Shop here at Sephora.

Courtesy of Giorgio Armani

5) Playful Lids and Bold Eyeliners

As masks will surely follow us into 2021, eyes continue to grab all the attention. Play-up the gateways to your soul with fabulous complementary color that adds a twinkle to your Tyra smize. Be a 10’s Be to the Point Eyeliner ($24 on is your new secret weapon. Richly colored quality pigments create crisp, solid lines with color that stays true through smudging for soft or smoky-eye applications. Innovative gel formula provides rich, even coverage with pin-point accuracy that lasts as long as you do. Versatile and convenient, this no-sharpen liner tip is refreshed with a simple click, giving you a fresh point every time you use it. A comfortable pencil-like applicator makes sure the liner goes exactly where you want it with ease.

Courtesy of Be a 10

6) The Clean and Sustainable Switch

While this trend stems far beyond just the year of 2021, it is expected that many individuals in the New Year will be making the switch to clean beauty. Elate Beauty leads the industry with the highest standards of clean formulations and reusable packaging to help those ready to explore their natural side. Elate’s got a broad range of complexion and color easily create a lively makeup bag that contains every go-to. To learn more about Elate Beauty and its sustainability efforts, click here. We personally love their Brow Balm ($28).

Courtesy of Elate Cosmetics
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