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Enter the vivid, textured world of photographer Nadine Ijewere

Enter the vivid, textured world of photographer Nadine Ijewere

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Born to a Jamaican-Nigerian household, Nadine Ijewere grew up drenched in tradition. It was expected for her, as it was for many of us, to fall in line with one of the more traditional careers that were reflected around her. But something about those sterile, straightforward pathways simply couldn’t satisfy her deep and strange desire to create. Growing up in London, Black representation was something that was rarely seen in many creative circles. Female photographers of colour were a rarity, like ethical gold. This longing for adequate representation is reflected within the artist’s desire to create images that resonate with girls that look like her.

Ijewere soon realised the power she conjured with her lens. This fuelled her decision to fully commit and study photography at the London College of Fashion. This experience sparked Ijewere’s passion for breaking through industry restraints. Instead, she committed herself to producing images that speak for unseen populations.

Ijewere quickly gained notoriety on social media with recognition as an industry disrupter by heavyweights such as Ibrahim Kamara. The young virtuoso has created boundary-breaking imagery wrapped up in the nostalgic allure of Black culture for the likes of Fenty, Stella McCartney and Dazed Beauty. Her determination to protect her true vision landed her the gig as the first woman of colour to shoot a Vogue cover in years.

From her lens to our screens, Nadine Ijewere tells stories that we’ve been waiting to hear.

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