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Everything You Need To Know About Periods And Your Skin | And The Hormonal Skincare Products That Can Help Along The Way

Everything You Need To Know About Periods And Your Skin | And The Hormonal Skincare Products That Can Help Along The Way

Every womxn that has a period knows that aunt Flo usually disrupts the skin. Hormonal acne, ashiness, dehydration, the list goes on, but… who actually knows what’s really going on and why? Outside of periods and ovulation, knowing about the stages in between helps keep any potential skincare crises at bay.


Unfortunately, periods are still considered a taboo subject, but Knours and Amareta are two brands disrupting this narrative via the latest skincare revolution: hormonal skincare. Now, don’t panic –– I’m not pitching products with hormones but ones that target hormonal changes


Starting with everyone’s least favorite part. The uterus lining (built to support pregnancy) is broken down after a drop-in estrogen, in which then the skin becomes dehydrated and textured. Estrogen is the hormone when it comes to hydration.


This causes a drop-in radiance, so your skin looks flatter and more tired, which is never cute. A quick fix is to use the 60-second rule and/or a jade roller to massage products into your skin. Re-stimulating blood flow literally plumps your face instantly and leaves longer-lasting results the more you do it. 


One way to keep the skin hydrated is with a face mist. Knours’ Dual-Phase Mist can deliver multiple functions depending on how many times you shake the formula. Rich in plant extracts, it nourishes and clarifies the skin to bring it back to life.


However, if you’re on the drier side and need something a bit more loving, the Rescue Mask contains niacinamide, an essential ingredient beauty buffs have learned to look out for. Known for its intense hydration and ability to stimulate exfoliation, it’s definitely a gem. The cherry on top is that it has honey and rosewater that makes it gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Follicular Stage

From the start of your period up until ovulation, you’re basically doing egg prep. One of your ovaries – aka the “dominant follicle” – grows bigger than the others, releasing estrogen as it does. This kick starts the boost in hydration and collagen, so the epidermis gets all thick and glowy up until the estrogen peak towards the end. So, if you notice your skin looking extra fine, you’re most likely at the end of this stage or edging into ovulation. 


To maintain this bombness, you don’t necessarily need to rehydrate or deep cleanse but focus on your skin’s apparent needs. Make sure to top off with sunscreen and antioxidants to shield and protect all that goodness.


About two weeks before your next period, ovulation starts. As the dominant follicle has grown to its largest, your egg is released into the Fallopian tube after the estrogen peak.


Besides the rise in estrogen, there’s a testosterone kick that also drives up your collagen levels. For some of us, this means even fuller, brighter skin, but if you’re acne-prone, this is where hormonal acne comes into play. Testosterone stimulates oil output and excess estrogen can stimulate inflammation, common symptoms of acne. All these hormones trapped under the skin’s thickness need decongestion.


Clays and chemical exfoliants are two examples of ingredients that seep deep enough to draw this gunk out and additionally, refine your texture to shrink pores. A common misconception when it comes to acne is that completely stripping it is the best way to get rid of it. But that actually just aggravates it some more. Regardless of your skin type, maintaining proper hydration keeps the barrier function efficient and prevents scarring.

Luteal phase

Now that the dominant follicle is officially off the clock, it morphs into the corpus luteus. Consider this structure an enemy, as its responsible for the gift that is PMS through its release of progesterone. 


If you don’t get pregnant, progesterone and re-released estrogen levels drop – the body signifier to start menstruation. A week before your next period, these hormones flats out. The skin thins and there’s another loss of hydration, smoothness and glow.


Knours’ Skin Meditation Gel-Cream tackles these symptoms by enhancing barrier function, ensuring anything you add is properly locked-in. Using a similar technique, Amareta’s Luteal Range uses tea tree and witch hazel to detox and nurture the skin. 


But if you do get pregnant, Amareta has a range for that too. Addressing breakouts, stretch marks, sensitivity, and hyperpigmentation, their baby-safe formulas are free from synthetic preservatives and fragrance.

We often forget that the skin is a living organ that responds to changes in our body – be it that of diet or stress. Whatever it is, paying close attention to what triggers and calms your skin is basically a code of conduct for beauty lovers.


Occasionally, the skin forms resistance to products that are consistently used. So, if your regime hasn’t been efficient, rotating it around your hormones may be the life hack you didn’t know you needed.


Switching things up is always a fun way to keep relationships happy and healthy.

By Kamara Hakeem-Oyawoye
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