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Faux Freckles are a Thing and Here’s How you Get Them

Faux Freckles are a Thing and Here’s How you Get Them

When we think of makeup in the traditional – and somewhat cynical – sense, it’s essentially a tool we use to hide our imperfections and highlight our natural features. Some of the most popular trends in the past few years have contributed to the idea that a feminine face is a beautiful face. Under the influence of the Kardashians, we’ve sculpted out our cheekbones and baked. Don’t get me wrong, these trends are fun and I’ve done my fair share of contouring, but a different approach at beauty is making its way back into our hearts and our feeds.

The faux freckle trend popped up a few years ago as a cute and easy way to change up your look. There are two things about this trend that I love; it doesn’t have to cost a dime, and more importantly, it’s part of a bigger movement all about embracing our so-called flaws. In a tutorial titled “The Boy Beat”, Youtuber Sarah Cheung explains that Beyoncé’s makeup artist, Sir John, coined the term to describe a boyish, no-makeup makeup look that accentuates our perceived flaws, such as dark circles, redness or rosacea, and of course freckles. It’s also nice that you can use products you (probably) already own, making it a cheap way to switch up your routine.

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Applying faux freckles is easy to do and there are so many methods to choose from. The first and most hassle-free method is as simple as taking a brown eyeliner or brow pencil and dabbing on freckles over your nose and cheeks. Liquid liner can be used as well, for darker and more prominent freckles. If you want to get creative, use a bobby pin dipped in brown shadow and dot them on, and remember they don’t need to be perfect.

If you want your faux freckles to last all night, consider some of these innovative techniques that beauty gurus are loving at the moment. It may seem unusual to splatter self-tanner on your face using a toothbrush, but Youtuber Gina Shkeda, a big fan of faux freckles, proves it’s the perfect method to get realistic freckles that will last longer than if you just use eyeshadow or pencil, plus you can channel your inner Jackson Pollock. Want even longer-lasting freckles? Give henna a shot and check out Uglysxegirl on Instagram for inspiration. She uses brownish-red henna to create freckles that last up to five days and look pretty authentic.

Whether you want to embrace your “flaws” or just want to try something different, faux freckles are great to experiment with because you can make them as subtle as you want or delve into fun colors for a more eccentric look. If you need me, I’ll be re-watching the Royal Wedding studying Meghan’s freckles while I inexplicably weep.

by Clare Saxton
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