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Foundations you need to try if you have dry skin

Foundations you need to try if you have dry skin

Come rain and sunshine, dry skin is one of the more popular ailments in my life that I’ve learnt to manoeuvre. As complicated as the skin may be, it’s important to know your oils from your ointments, dry skin from dehydrated and the triggers that can send your skin into a flaky, inflamed rage.

One thing that can help you get through the throws of winter – post skincare of course – is a bomb foundation. By creating a physical (and potentially, chemical) barrier to harsh weather, you can maintain luminescent, smooth skin while receiving those much-needed actives. 

Finding a product that sits without flaking or caking is a struggle that I can relate to. After trying an applaudable amount of foundations, I’ve run down this edit of the newest, and best foundations for dry skin that let you do you while giving your skin all it desires.

1/ Kevyn Aucoin Foundation Balm, $52

When I first came across Kevyn Aucoin’s balm foundation, I was immediately drawn to it. Despite the brand’s legendary reputation, it was its “world’s first” tag that had me yearning. As someone with dehydrated skin, let’s just say I’ve developed a trained eye for balms.

I was gifted one by a Godsend and I promise, this is a foundation I will never not own ever again. Albeit online reviews are mixed, the foundation goes on like a dream – consistently leaving me with an airbrushed, matte finish that warrants praise. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, you get double the protection with excellent coverage.

Shade range: 20 shades across pink, neutral and yellow undertones.

Coverage: Medium coverage that’s buildable

2/ Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, $79

Online, this foundation is described as “instantly iconic”. Not only is it weightless, buildable and perfectly colour matched, it gives the most perfect skin but better finish. Using a special infusion of Vita-Serum Complex, the foundation aims to preserve the skin’s barrier and boost our natural reserve of hyaluronic acid and ceramides (AKA the good stuff).

That being said, my favourite thing about this is how it doesn’t get oily over all the lotions and potions that keep my skin from cracking. It stays perfectly put all-day, emitting the most healthy glow.

Shade range: 36 shades ranging across very fair to very deep

Coverage: Medium coverage that’s easily buildable

3/ Nars Natural Radiant Foundation, $49

While this definitely doesn’t belong on a list of the newest products, it does hold it’s own amongst the best. This hybrid product delivers raspberry, apple and watermelon fruit extracts. Renowned for their hydration boosting properties, they also deliver antioxidants and glow-inducing acids that should benefit your skin with long term use.

Being both alcohol and oil-free, this water-weight formula works well for most skin types without drying your skin. It’s smooth enough to give a natural, even glow without having a comedogenic effect.

Shade range: 34 shades that cover just about every undertone

Coverage: Light coverage that you can layer up to a fuller finish

4/ UOMA Say What?! Foundation, $39

Beauty veteran Sharon Chuter has been praised numerously for her reimagination of hybrid makeup. Taking the Fenty Effect one step further, she created one foundation with 51 shades across six different formulations.

Each of the six shade groups – varying from very light to dark brown – has a unique formula that works perfectly for each skin tone. Consistently across all formulations are berry extract – to help with hydration – and full coverage that blurs the skin without caking it, leaving a subtle glow in a velvet-like finish.

Shade range: 51 shades from very fair to dark brown skin

Coverage: definitely has fuller coverage than most

5/ Fenty Pro Filter Hydrating Foundation, $35

This stunning infusion of dew and Fenty’s secret sauce delivers a finish that can light up the foggy streets of London. Peak winter. By combinating of grape seed oil and sodium hyaluronate you should get a kick of hydration that’ll last all day.

Moving on from the Pro Filt’r matte foundation, you get the same long-lasting finish, although it does take more time to dry down.  There’s almost a wet glow to this that’s super smooth and blends out like a dream. As it does have the tendency to be a bit cakey, I suggest starting small then gradually building up, and trying with/without moisturiser under to see what works best for you.

Shade range: 50 shades from light to dark

Coverage: medium coverage that’s very easily buildable

6/ Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation, $40

Despite being a lover of thin foundations, I don’t believe I have ever come across one quite this thin. Being oil-free and silicone-free leaves a water-like consistency that shouldn’t clog your pores (but will drip all over you if you don’t shake before use). 

What you wouldn’t expect is the impressive amount of pigment it holds. Thanks to the nature of the formulation you get high coverage without looking or feeling cakey. What you do get in fact is a beautifully glowy matte finish that doesn’t make you look like your face might crack — most likely from the dose of hyaluronic acid that we all appreciate.

Shade range: 24 shades covering very fair to very deep

Coverage: Full coverage – seriously, I’m still shook

Securing a formula that slips onto your skin without clogging up your pores or creasing, simultaneously leaving you greasy and ashy is more tricky than one would imagine. It’s a dry skin woe that’s commonly understated. From fuller, buildable coverage to foundations light as air, whatever ticks off your boxes, you can find it here.

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