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Fun, flirty independent jewelry brands you can’t miss out on!

Fun, flirty independent jewelry brands you can’t miss out on!

As many of us begin to make our way back to normality, a couple of fresh jewellery pieces will be the key to bright and summery outfits. Now more than ever, we can vote with our dollar to support and uplift smaller, more sustainable businesses (lots of which are female-owned).

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece, or something to build up a layered look, we’ve got you covered. These are the fashion-forward brands to look out for — inclusive of every budget.


A Japanese designer based in London, Ayafuya (meaning ambiguous or uncertain) creates jewellery that embodies ancient motifs with a contemporary twist, at a mid-range price point. Each of their unisex pieces follows a unique story, rooted in Japanese tradition.

Et Toi Paris

This brand features an eclectic blend of vintage French and modern Swedish style, handmade by local artisans. With intricate beading, fresh water pearls and hand-blown glass charms, these playful Parisian pieces offer youthful elegance at an affordable price.

Blackcurrant Pop

Loved and worn by @NnennaEchem and @FayeWad, the colourful queens of Instagram, Blackcurrant Pop brings back primary-school chic. Twenty-seven year old entrepreneur Bethany Robert’s brand is fuelled by childhood nostalgia, allowing you to bring a touch of fun to any outfit at a fair price.


With Grecian-made jewels inspired by the sun, sea and sky, Mayol transports you to days at the beach with sophistication. Marianna Derizioti started her passion project while gazing at the sea on the Greek island of Lemnos, with the help of her mother and sister. From glass beads to rhinestones and shells, Mayol’s delicate pieces are perfect to gift yourself.

Ninfa Handmade

The adorned gold hoop trend has never looked better than with Argentinian brand Ninfa Handmade. They stock beautifully handmade glass charms with so much character, as well as as super dainty chokers and bracelets. Ninfa Handmade’s light and graceful essence couldn’t be more ideal for a well-deserved present to yourself.

Knobbly Studio

The beauty of Knobbly Studio’s pieces is in their emphasis on the way they interact with the human form. Gittit Szwarc’s design process considers how pieces will relate to the natural lines of the wearer’s face, collarbone or torso, making for incredibly refined and elegant jewellery, handmade in Tel Aviv.

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