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Glossier has put a pause on ‘Play’

Glossier has put a pause on ‘Play’

This time last year, we were all sitting on our fingers awaiting the revelation of Glossier’s baby sister, Glossier Play. The label promised “dialed-up beauty extras” that were teased via disco-esque images featuring glitter, bright, playful colours and high-shine lacquered lips.

Speaking to Business of Fashion, the founder of the millennial pink clan, Emily Weiss announced her decision to put Play on hold. “[We thought] why don’t we create a different brand so that it’ll differentiate more intense makeup products from less intense makeup products. The realisation we had was, ‘Huh, we could have just launched more makeup products’.”

Since their launch, consumers have raised concerns over the lack of sustainability regarding the thick, non-biodegradable glitters in Glitter Gelée, the foil wrappers and the cardboard packaging that add to environmental damages. As a result, Play is being merged into Glossier with Glitter Gelée being discontinued completely.

According to BoF, the company raised $100 million in March 2019, leaving Glossier with value around $1.2 billion. Realising they’re established enough to stand without a differentiated subsidiary, Emily plans to continue growing Glossier as the cult-favourite that it is.

As we wave Play good-bye, awaiting the upcoming launches for the year, lets reminisce over their first and last campaign:

Glossier Play S19 Campaign from Charlotte Wales Studioon Vimeo.

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