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Glossier just became London’s newest resident

Glossier just became London’s newest resident

After sending London-based consumer’s into a frenzy with their pop-up in London’s beauty capital, Covent Garden, Glossier has decided to stay all 2020. Intended to last only 4-months, shutting its doors on February 9th, the brand is staying put.

Known for capturing the hearts of moms, girl friends and boyfriends alike, it’s no shocker that their concept store had people going crazy for its stunning aesthetic. Somehow, the brand managed to incorporate floral walls, hidden doorways and a limited edition umbrella – all drawing inspiration from British social clubs – and make it look bomb.

Boasting over 100k visitors, it’s become their most visited pop-up, beating out its counterparts in Miami, Austin, Boston and Seattle. Stocking all of their products across Glossier and Glossier Play, costumers can walk from room-to-room to try out and stocking up on all the brand’s cult favourites.

Perfectly in line with it’s aesthetic – in a way that only Glossier can, you can find the store at: 13-14 Floral Street, Covent Garden.

by Kamara Hakeem-Oyawoye
cover image courtesy of Glossier
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