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Halal Cosmetics | What It Is and Why do Vegans Love It?

Halal Cosmetics | What It Is and Why do Vegans Love It?

Halal cosmetics are becoming more popular throughout the world as brands recognize that there are millions of Muslim women who prefer beauty products that adhere to their religious beliefs. When most people think of Halal, they think of the approved food and beverages for the Muslim community, but many believe that what is absorbed through the skin needs to be Halal as well. This means that to meet Halal beauty standards, products cannot contain animal products or alcohol, among other things.

As the beauty industry is expanding, more niche makeup and skincare brands are emerging and it’s always exciting to learn more about how the market is adapting to the increase in demand. Though Halal cosmetics haven’t become completely mainstream, we found a few amazing Halal beauty brands worth your support!

Zahara Modesty Muse Nail Polish – $13.13

Zahara is a Muslim-owned beauty brand started by two sisters who saw the need for Halal cosmetics in the beauty world. The brand offers mascara, eyeshadow palettes and a variety of lipsticks, but their most popular product is their breathable, Wudhu friendly nail polish. This is great news for Muslim women, as most nail polishes currently on the market interfere with their washing rituals.

Tuesday in Love H8R Matte Velvet Liquid Lipstick – $17.58

Tuesday in Love is a Canadian brand with tons of great Halal products to try. Their Matte Velvet Liquid Lipstick comes in a variety of colors, but this deep cranberry shade is perfect for the fall.

Amara 8-Piece Brush Set – $45.00

Amara Cosmetics is the first company in North America to provide Halal-Certified cosmetics, and the founders are strong believers that products applied to the skin are absorbed and therefore need to be Halal. Since Halal products can’t have animal products, this Amara Brush set uses quality synthetic bristles for flawless makeup application.

Talent Sunwoo Cosme Crystal Dia Eye Brow– $6.61

Talent Cosmetics is a staple in the Korean beauty world and is Halal certified, allowing Muslim women in Korea and around the world to try their assortment of products. They carry a wide variety of skincare and beauty products, and this Halal eyebrow pencil is a necessity for your makeup bag.

Sampure Enchanting Look Mascara – $20.02

Sampure is the first Halal-certified cosmetics brand in Europe, and have been a great option for Muslim beauty-lovers since 2009. Their lengthening mascara is formulated with jojoba and olive oil to nourish your lashes while adding dramatic length.

by Clare Saxton
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