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Have At-Home Facial Treatments Become More Popular During the Pandemic?

Have At-Home Facial Treatments Become More Popular During the Pandemic?

We personally think that #stayingathome is here to stay for good. For those of us who have worked from home during the pandemic, we’ve learned that we don’t really need an office to get our daily tasks done. Even not being able to use the gym for a year was solved with weights, running outside, and tuning into YouTube workouts. Cooking kits were created by our favorite restaurants so we could support them from a safe distance. Here in New York City, facialists were allowed to open their doors once again late last year, but the rise in at-home treatments was growing in popularity as well. From step-by-step chemical peel packages to vitamin infusion kits, skincare could also now be done from the comfort of your apartment.

To find out more about the rise of at-home facial treatments and more, we spoke to the founders of JECT, a New York-based aesthetics brand, who gave us the low down on medical-grade skincare in lockdown and why we’ll eventually need to see our injectors and aestheticians IRL. Keep reading for more!

Why do you feel like at-home facial treatments are becoming more popular? 

Since the pandemic, we have noticed a significant increase in the demand for effective products, at-home facial treatments, and virtual consultations. We believe this is for several reasons, including the inaccessibility of in-office treatments due to shutdowns and restrictions, daily mask-wearing is wreaking havoc on our skin, and seeing our own faces more than usual on Zoom these days.

Clients have looked to at-home options as a way to keep up with their pre-pandemic skin routines and remedy some of these new issues. 

We saw a huge jump in demand for medical-grade skincare products and at-home treatments during peak lockdown since access to normal skincare treatments was not available. Wearing masks daily has increased the frequency of breakouts and dermatological conditions such as rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis, resulting in clients seeking at-home solutions. Meanwhile, our days have been filled with virtual meetings, which means we’re all seeing our own faces a little more than usual. So, of course, we’re noticing new things — things that maybe we hadn’t noticed before. 

Importantly, we all learned a big lesson during quarantine: just how much a factor looking our best plays into feeling and performing our best.

Do you think that people who do not have experience performing facials/non-invasive procedures such as chemical peels can perform these treatments on their own? 

While these treatments may seem straightforward, it’s often necessary to have a professional decide how and what is used on the skin in order to determine the balance of effective results without being too harsh. That being said, JECT has an array of at-home treatments such as the guided application of the Glytone Mini Peel as well as the At-Home Microinfusion Device. Each treatment comes with written instructions, a short instructional video, and a complimentary virtual consultation with one of our medical providers to learn how to use these devices and treatments properly. 

Virtual consultations for at-home treatments and even regular skincare have proven to be a great tool. We can spend time discussing clients’ skincare concerns and create a customized plan for them. It really is not a one size fits all approach and skincare goals vary from person to person.

Do you feel it’s safer/easier to do these treatments at home during the pandemic?

While at-home treatments reduce contact and help maintain social distancing, it is important that they are done properly and safely. Ensuring that these treatments are done at home with guidance from a medical professional, or if possible, treatments done in person by a medical professional are the safest options. Clients can feel confident coming into JECT thanks to our extensive safety protocols. Since reopening, we have taken necessary precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 such as pre-appointment screening, wearing protective equipment for both staff and clients, and wiping down all surfaces with antibacterial/virucidal wipes. 

Do you think this will continue post-pandemic?

Given the success we have had with at-home treatments, this is definitely a trend that will continue post-pandemic, however, they will not serve as a replacement for treatments such as wrinkle reducers i.e. Botox, dermal fillers, and medical-grade facials. 

Tell us more about JECT.

JECT is a New York-based medical aesthetics brand, specializing in cosmetic injectables and medical-grade skincare with locations in the West Village, Upper East Side, and Bridgehampton. We have a curated menu of services, including wrinkle reducers (i.e. Botox), dermal fillers, peels, AquaGold, micro-needling, IPL treatments, and various medical-grade facials. Treatments are tailored to each client, providing a highly personalized experience depending on their aesthetic goals.

JECT provides a safe and approachable environment for people to enhance their natural beauty. Our aim is to break down the stigmas attached to many of these treatments through education and accessibility.

Lastly, all of our providers are licensed experts who specialize in aesthetics, this means we have an in-depth understanding of anatomy along with an eye for detail, assuring that each client will leave empowered and feeling their best.

Tell us more about the at-home microinfusion device from JECT? 

JECT’s At-Home Microinfusion Device is one of my favorite and most effective at-home options! It uses 24k gold plated needles to infuse a customized cocktail of skincare products, delivering the solution 0.2mm deep into the skin’s surface.

The treatment is painless and easy to use; the effective yet gentle blend of Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Glutathione, Niacinamide, Tranexamic Acid and Vitamin C improves skin tone and texture and lifts pigments, while increasing cell turnover resulting in a smoother and brighter complexion. After a few days, you will see improved skin clarity with decreased pore size. Results will peak after one week.

The 24k gold tips allow you to bypass the skin’s top layer of dead cells, eliminating the need for exfoliants, peels and dermabrasion prior to application. Some clients may experience light peeling or flaking the first few days after use. The purchase of the At-Home Microinfusion Device includes a full sized bottle of JECT Concentrated Retinol + Bakuchiol Treatment Serum, which is recommended for continued use post-treatment to maintain optimal results.

Is the pandemic the perfect time to get a procedure (mask-wearing, less activity, etc.)? 

In-office treatments are still proving to be very popular, especially injectables. Those who were considering it before are taking the leap while experienced clients are trying new things. There is much less concern about ‘downtime’ with treatments now that we’re mostly at home. We’ve seen an increase in clients trying new services like a lip filler and micro-needling, which have always come with some uncertainty regarding downtime. With masks, we expected the use of lip filler to decrease, but we have actually seen an increase in people wanting to try the service due to the security of working from home. The same for micro-needling and deep chemical peels, clients feel they can easily cover any redness or peeling with a mask or makeup on their calls from home.

While pandemic is a great time for clients to try treatments that have more downtime, the key to prevention is a consistent routine of in-office treatments and effective at-home products. For wrinkle reducers, we generally recommend quarterly treatments, for dermal fillers a touch-up is typically recommended every 6 – 9 months, while medical-grade skincare treatments can be done on a monthly basis.

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