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Here are the best press-on nails for an easy, at-home manicure

Here are the best press-on nails for an easy, at-home manicure

Missing our nail techs during these lockdown periods can be rough to not only our self-care routine but the way our hands look. Those of us who frequent the nail salon just got used to our monthly mani sessions coming back into our lives. But quarantining to stop the spread of the virus is necessary to save lives and for fewer people to be sick, there’s no doubt about that. We here at NBGA decided to try out something that’s been trending since the start of lockdown earlier this year, press-on nails. The ’90s craze was somewhat in a period of hiding before we were unable to go to get manicures, and is now on the rise because of the cost and ease of its usefulness. We’ve found seven press-on nail kits we’re obsessed with for an easy, at-home lockdown mani. Keep reading for more.

1) Chillhouse Chill Tips in Groovy Baby ($16)

Courtesy of Chillhouse

When Chillhouse closed down for quarantine earlier this year, founder Cyndi Ramirez came up with a solution. They would begin offering the nail salon’s unique and coveted designs at home. With a capsule collection launching every few weeks, these sell out quickly. Shop here.

2) KISS Strong Enough Salon Acrylic Nails ($5.49)

Courtesy of KISS

For the person that misses their sheer, nude manicure monthly. These press-on nails from KISS have a flexible, flawless fit and never chip. Shop here.

3) Static Nails Reusable Pop-on Manicures in Sheer Fixation ($12.80)

Courtesy of Static Nails

Sexy, beautiful, and clean. Static Nails has a variety of incredible designs to choose from and are incredibly easy to apply. Shop here.

4) H&M Press-on Nails ($7.99)

Courtesy of H&M

If you’re the person at the salon who’s going for the full glitter gel nails, these press-on nails from H&M are a good in-between until your nail salon opens again. Shop here.

5) Christina Kyria Blue Cloud Press-on Nails ($25)

Courtesy of Etsy

Nail artists who cannot work in-person have come up with creative solutions for keeping their business afloat and their clientele happy. Check out these amazing cloud bails from Christina Kyria on Etsy. Shop here.

6) Mispress Nails Cherry Picnic Press-on Nails ($42.00)

Courtesy of Etsy

Support your favorite nail artist by seeing if they have a shop online and are selling their press-on designs on Etsy or other retailers. We love this cherry design from Mispress. Shop here.

7) Ardell Nail Addict False Nails in Black Stud and Pink Ombre ($7.99)

Courtesy of Ardell

Ardell also offers a super-easy, affordable option through their false nails. This chic ombre design wows with little rhinestones to boot. Cute! Shop here.

8) Art Muva Custom Press-on Nails (Price by request)

Courtesy of @artmuva

Art Muva is an incredible artist who actually takes your request for nail design and creates a custom press-on kit for you. Support the artist by shopping her page and follow her on IG here.

9) Shea’d Beauty ‘Chevron’ Press-on Nails ($40)

Courtesy of Shea’d Beauty

Super affordable and super duper cute, we’re obsessed with all of the different styles you can find at Shea’d Beauty. Book an appointment IRL with the salon or shop all of their press-ons here.

10) Tyler Phoenix Design Telfar-Inspired Press-on Nails ($80)

Courtesy of Tyler Pheonix Design

Telfar-inspired nail designs?! JPG style press-ons? These chic AF nails are so unique, we’re dying to try them all. Shop here.

11) Angel’s Nailz Custom Press-on Nails (Direct message to request)

Courtesy of Angel’s Nailz

These beautiful butterfly nails are custom-made by Angel’s Nailz. Send your ideas to the brand and they’ll dream up something super beautiful for you. Message Angel’s Nailz here on IG to get your manicure fix during the lockdown.

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