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Here’s the lowdown on Maya Jama’s new skincare range

Here’s the lowdown on Maya Jama’s new skincare range

Maya Jama is one of the IT girls in the UK. The Bristol born babe has conquered the British television and radio industry with her undeniable charm, distinctive deep voice and vibrant personality. From hosting MTV’S The Wrap Up to presenting her very own segment on BBC Radio 1, and even a name-drop on a Drake song. Maya Jama’s career has been uber successful to say the least. Now she is embarking on something a little different. Skincare. 

Whether she’s catching a flight or strutting down Oxford street in a sheet mask, Maya Jama and skincare are inseparable. So, if you are in need of a pampering session look no further, MIJ Masks has come to the rescue.

The skincare line currently features two products. The first is the Bio-Cellulose face mask which is teaming with glycerine, arginine and hyaluronic acid. The second is the Hydrogel eye patch which soothes and de-puffs your delicate eye area with allantoin and panthenol. The patch comes in a peachy-pink colour and is totally Instagram-worthy!

The cherry on top of the pie is that all MIJ Masks products are cruelty-free and vegan. They are also made up of a biodegradable natural fibre made from coconut which is  far more environmentally friendly. A guilt-free pampering sesh? Love that! 

In an interview with PopSugar she discussed her inspiration behind MIJ Masks. She said: “In the last four years or so, I became obsessed with sheet masks and flinging them on, mostly because I’m not very good with my skin in general. Well, I didn’t used to be anyway. A face mask was always my go-to; my kind of skin saviour.”

Her inspo behind the eye patches is quite simple: a lack of sleep. She added: “I always feel I get knackered eyes from not sleeping enough, that’s my problem area. So I wanted to make a good eye mask that I know actually stays on your eye, and doesn’t dry out straight away.”

With a culmination of aesthetics, impactful ingredient choices and a prioritisation of sustainability, there’s no doubt MIJ Masks will make a dent in the skincare industry.

The new skincare line is available to shop online on the official MIJ Masks website.

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