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Here’s what girl power is looking like in the world of cannabis

Here’s what girl power is looking like in the world of cannabis

Despite growing representation of female stoners in popular media, there’s a lingering stigma around women and their consumption of cannabis. As legalization and decriminalization of the plant spreads across North America, so to does the amount of femme entrepreneurs working within the industry. These ladies are proof that there are myriad ways to indulge that don’t (always) involve combustion. From clothing to CBD to consumables, here’s a spotlight of 12 companies working to change the cultural perception of women who use herbal medicine. 

Black Dragon Breakfast Club

This Black woman-led initiative started in Philadelphia and operates as a consulting agency to help patients and budding cannabis entrepreneurs find quality experiences in a shame-free manner. Founder Tsehaitu Abye incorporates decriminalization outreach into her business model by catering to those most affected by the war on drugs. She also hosts a podcast titled Conspiracy Corner to debunk myths about cannabis that have prevailed through generations.

Broccoli Mag

Founded by Anja Charbonneau, Broccoli is an independent print publication with a focus on elevating conversations around cannabis culture. By melding an appreciation of the plant with a love of art and aesthetics, the all-women team at Broccoli has created a network of thoughtful media and inspiration. Broccoli releases issues triannually and hosts a bi-weekly podcast on cannabis equity, plant history, and more. 

Buy Weed From Women

Buy Weed From Women is simultaneously a fashion statement and a call to action; considering that roughly a quarter of current cannabis companies are run by women, it’s high time to shift the perception of who supplies and buys herbal medicine. Buy Weed From Women offers a line of t-shirts, hoodies, and totes with their mantra vividly printed on. Poet Jasmine Mans serves as the brand’s creative director and her artistic influence stands out through the apparel’s bold typeface.


This wellness platform and consulting agency was co-founded by Mary Pryor, a media and marketing expert, as a way to showcase inclusive representation of minority cannabis consumers. The agency even has a stock photo collection available for fair use that shows a diverse group of consumers indulging in positive, nuanced ways. Most recently, Cannaclusive released an accountability list that highlights the ways in which cannabis and hemp companies have incorporated social justice and industry equity into their organizations. 

Dope Girls Zine

This Georgia based feminist platform started out in 2016 with their physical zine release that brought art and herbs together in an impactful way. Since then, Dope Girls Zine has amassed a sizable online community (over 70,000 followers on Instagram) and has become a gathering space to view relatable memes and learn from dope and talented girls killing it in their respective industries. The founders of Dope Girls Zine also highlight cannabis clemency and reproductive justice throughout their work.

Elevate Jane

Elevate Jane is the brainchild of Angela Mou, a first-generation Los Angeles native. The family operated shop has a well-curated selection of smoking accessories. All of the pipes are made in the U.S. and perfectly match form to function with their sleek and sophisticated designs. There’s also no shortage of quirk here, from the food-inspired glass pipes to the floral one-hitters.


Former Lucky digital editor Verena Von Pfetten co-founded this glossy, fashionable mag with David Weiner back in 2018. The platform has held space for open-minded conversations with multi-hyphenate artists like Allie X, Ajani Russell, and Fariha Róisín among many others. In addition to creating beautiful editorials, Gossamer sells CBD goodies — most notably a companion set of tinctures titled Dusk and Dawn. 

Marijuana Girl

Marijuana Girl is an Atlanta-based clothing line with its logo stylishly emblazoned on tees and stickers.  Many of the brand’s products have been released in limited runs, but the staples (tanks and crewnecks) are often available in a fun selection of hues with weed-related names. 

Miss Grass

Co-founded by Anna Duckworth and Katie Miller, Miss Grass is a lifestyle brand that highlights holistic methods for incorporating cannabis into one’s life. The company primarily focuses on elevating conscious consumption and using the plant for both medicine and recreation. Miss Grass recently launched their own line of THC pre-rolls to add to the wealth of cannabis-friendly products in their online marketplace.


On SMK BRK’s Instagram account, you will find weekly playlists curated by boss babes and themed after strains of cannabis — featuring suggested tunes for enjoying the medicine. In a larger context, SMK BRK is a one stop shop for educating women on being responsible and knowledgeable connoisseurs. The company, founded by cultivator and educator Laura OG, has also launched a line of apparel including tote bags and hoodies.


This community for women of color centers cannabis as a tool for healing and creative inspiration. Women.Weed.WiFi routinely hosts online workshops such as Smoke and Stretch and publishes themed, submission-based zines that further their educational practices. Their upcoming sixth zine issue is  surrounding all things earthly.

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