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Home decor gems that need to be on your vision board

Home decor gems that need to be on your vision board

Shopping for home decor can be a pain, especially if you never had to shop for it before like me. If you grew up sharing rooms your whole life, then you can agree that having a private space to call your own can be overwhelming yet exciting. 

In the past, I relied heavily on Ikea basics, taping magazine cutouts and film photos to my walls and stepping over my cluttered piles of whatever on my floor (which isn’t a bad thing!). But after moving into a private room in New York City, I’ve been struggling to figure out what to do with so much space. For the first time, I now have my own safe space, and I want to decorate my new sanctuary with items that represent yet comfort me, but what does that even look like?

While hunting for home decor on the wonderful world of Pinterest and Instagram, I was bombarded with a trend — a combination of Art Deco meets Memphis Milano fused with abstract antiques. Each photo I came across incorporates bright, colorful, and fun pieces, often accompanied by millennial pink and sleek white decor. And of course, nothing finishes a room better off than giant prints of pastel artwork, abstracted candles, and rare vintage gems. This new trend is exciting and decorative but it’s also functional.

It’s important to be patient and intentional with purchases, only shopping for items that you’re in love with. If you’re also looking for some #inspo to spice up your home, NBGA has curated the perfect mood board with suggestions below!

Candles too pretty to burn: 

Candles aren’t just for burning, but they serve as essential decoration! If you’re searching for affordable yet dreamy candles, it’s best to find them on Etsy like this $12 seashell candle.

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Too pretty to burn

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Have a seat:

WiggleRoom, based in Brooklyn, NY, offers a range of made-to-order coffee tables, dining tables, and side tables. The wavy and pastel cuties are an investment, but it’s one you definitely won’t regret. Gustaf Westman also has iconic curvy furniture, like his signature mini table and even room divider.

Light it up:

Lamps can make or break your home, but these gorgeous finds can complement any room like this Fredericks And Mae foam lamp! If you’re looking for something more subtle yet bubbly, then you can brighten up any room with Qeeboo’s Daisy Lamp which is on sale for 30.

Rugs Galore:

Look no further for the perfect rug — Cold Picnic’s hand-tufted rugs can tie any room together! I purchased their Out in Palm Springs mini rug, which added the right amount of vibrance to my space.

Mirrors mirror, on the wall…

On the higher end of price points is the 70s Italian Ultrafragola Mirror by Ettore Sottsass. “Ultrafragola” translates to “the ultimate strawberry” — referencing the women who would see themselves within its pink, neon frame as something delicious and delectable. The mirror is museum-worthy.

Sensual prints:

Jeniece Blanchet, the creative genius behind the earthy, sensual jewelry line JeBlanc, recently released the Chaos Print which features model Jasmine Daniels adorned in gorgeous signature JeBlanc hardware in 16×20 sizing. “Chaos doesn’t always have to have a negative connotation. There is always beauty in the mess,” shares the designer in a statement about the piece. When bossing up your bedroom, why not start by decorating those bare walls with some beauty?

Knickknacks, anyone?

Bodega Rose is an NYC-based modern plant design store that specializes in luxury-inspired planters and ceramics by artist and designer Olivia Rose. Rose is inspired by natural plant life and works to bridge the gap between horticulture and fashion and design. The Prada Bucket Hat planter is NBGA’s personal favorite.

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