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Inamorata’s new womenswear sells silk as a staple

Inamorata’s new womenswear sells silk as a staple

With her new clothing line Inamorata, model Emily Ratajkowski’s designs, silhouettes, and sets not only complement the body, they comfort it. Utilizing silk, satin, and mesh fabrics, Inamorata is a celebration of a woman’s silhouette. The brand launched as a swimwear-only line and has now expanded its reach into lingerie and womenswear. The word Inamorata itself is defined as a woman with whom someone is in love or has intimate relations with. And with Inamorata’s design catalogue, it would be hard not to feel magnetic, sultry, and sexy. Inamorata Woman is self-described as “body conscious,” and the line does embrace the female figure by showing it off through material and silhouette.

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Silky Sets ✨

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It’s clear that Emily Ratajkowski has used her beach girl roots to inspire the essence of Inamorata, creating pieces that are light enough to be thrown on over a bathing suit, but sophisticate enough to also be worn without one. The collection features bikinis made from satin, mesh button-up crop tops that match a pair of bikini bottoms, and silky sets and slips perfect for both a night out and a springtime stroll. Inamorata wants to be flexible, and although it’s not exactly flexible for your budget, it wants to remain easygoing style and shape-wise.

Their short-and-top sets have even been designed for his and hers – a patterned bikini and button up with shorts for her, matching a button up and shorts made for him. This brand wants to make beachwear more chic. The collection as a whole celebrates the body quite often, but the question is, does it celebrate every kind of body? A quick browse through item size offerings shows that Inamorata does in fact make a larger range of sizes available than usual brand availabilities.

Even as the brand continues to evolve, Inamorata makes one thing clear from the start: it wants you to feel great in your skin, and it wants to feel great on your skin, too.

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