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Is There Such Thing as Anxiety Remedies?

Is There Such Thing as Anxiety Remedies?

Today has been one of those days. I’ve felt a heavy pressure in my chest, and I’ve been just lost in the spiral of negative thoughts and just feeling blah like I’m not worthy and nothing is worth it. Sounds familiar? If yes, you know anxiety sucks and being anxious sucks twice as hard especially when you have things to do, and your head is clouded with negative thoughts. I have generalized anxiety, but I have times where my anxiety gets worse, and my anxiety spiral can last up to a couple of days or even weeks! I’ve come up with a couple of strategies that help me deal with my anxiety when I feel it’s interfering with my life too much. Keep reading to see if any of them resonate with you!

Also, an important reminder here is to always look for help if you feel like it’s too much to handle. Therapy might be too pricey for some, but there are other options like counsellors and support groups. Asking for help makes a world of difference.

#1  Journaling

 Journaling every morning has helped me a great deal with my productivity. There is something so satisfying about writing before breakfast about your feelings, your day or whatever you feel like writing about. Journaling is so great because it helps you identify patterns and discover how you are feeling. You’ll notice a big difference once you start doing it often.

#2 Exercise

Exercise is great for anxiety and depression. It makes you more productive, and it helps you sleep better. In my case, it also makes me feel more motivated.  But I know sometimes it’s tough to stop over-thinking even when you’re in the middle of a fitness class; and what I do to avoid this is to try classes that are different to what I’m used to! Try something new. It might seem intimidating at first, but I promise you will be happy you did it.

#3 Call the right friend

We all have that friend that is like: “really? Are you still stressed about that guy? Get over him”  Or the friend that is quick to hug us and be like: “poor you! He’s an idiot. You deserve so much better!” We also, hopefully, have the friend that is by our side always and is very wise to give us advice without helping us get into the victim mindset or dismissing us. Make sure to call that friend and to talk about how you feel and what’s worrying you. However, after a while, also start carving out solutions with this friend and ways to make the problem better.

#4 Podcasts

There are fantastic podcasts out there that will make you understand your condition better.  I also love books, but there is something so comforting about listening to someone speak and being able to go for a run or cook while you’re listening to someone’s voice – it feels as if you were talking to a friend! I love GROUP podcast. It is super funny and informative; it helps you learn about mental illnesses and also lets you know you’re not alone.

This is what works for me. However, I know that it might not work for everyone. As with other ailments and conditions, it is important to experiment and see what works for you! It might be dancing, baking, puzzles or painting. The important thing here is not to give up and know that you’re not alone.

by Maria Alejandra Barrios
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