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JACQUEMUS is lecturing in a free online fashion

JACQUEMUS is lecturing in a free online fashion

Institut Français de la Mode, IFM, is a french fashion school giving the fashion world the exact quarantine-content we’ve so desperately been hoping for. The course, titled “Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture”, will explore the business of fashion, covering a range of relevant material. The four-week course is broken into 4 main topics: Fashion and modernity, Fashion and society, Fashion as a language and lastly, Fashion and Consumption. The cherry on top of this already stacked fashion sundae is that the course will feature input from prominent members of the fashion industry, like designer Simon Jacquemus, Christelle Kocher, Paul Smith, and CEOs at Chanel, YSL and Hermès.

Week 1 of the course is currently underway, and today I ended my “school day” with 10-minute video titled “Jacquemus, a life of fashion”, in which Simon Porte Jacquemus talked his entry into fashion, his brand, and his process. I’ve been something of a Jacquemus stan for a very long time, but I think anyone would be inspired after hearing him so openly discuss his candid thoughts, ideas, as well as the many elements he is inspired by when creating his art. He’s a breath of fresh air in fashion.

Whether you’re a fashion-fan or just looking to add a lil’ structure to your day during these self-isolation times, this course is sure to be insightful and relevant. I mean, three hours worth of weekly study material for a month for free.99? You can’t go wrong. Interested? Check it out for yourself here!

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