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Jorja Smith’s Debut Album | Soulful and Self-Aware

Jorja Smith’s Debut Album | Soulful and Self-Aware

Jorja Smith has the voice of a full-bodied red wine – bold, smooth, and complex. Hints of Amy Winehouse’s raspy, soulful sound combined with the seductive softness of Alina Baraz resulting in a complex tone that is truly all her own. Although Smith has been collaborating with artists in the likes of Drake, Khalid, and Preditah for some time now, it’s in her newly released debut album “Lost & Found” where she is truly able to shine.

On the track “Tomorrow” she’s vulnerable and raw as she proclaims, “The hardest thing I have learned is I can’t help myself/If I can’t trust my worth/Then I can’t trust my words.” It’s a song that reasserts a theme heard throughout the entire album, that of awareness – both self-awareness and an awareness of the world around her.  She doesn’t shy away from stating her opinions either. This is evident in the socially conscious “Lifeboats (freestyle)” where she lays down bars, pulling no punches as she proclaims: “See, the ships are getting bigger, full of greedy wasteful men/Soaking kids with the lies before they even got to ten.”

The track “Blue Lights” is also something special. Don’t let the ethereal dance beat fool you – it is not a club banger as much as it’s a song with a message. It was inspired, in part, by speaking with her friends about how they felt during interactions with police – the feeling that they were walking around on edge and feeling guilty, without having done anything to be guilty for. It’s a track that is as catchy as it is thoughtful.

I can personally vouch that “Lost & Found” sounds even better when it’s played outside while dining alfresco, but I imagine her sultry croons would also be a welcome addition to any bath-time playlist. Regardless of how you choose to relax during the summer months – if you’re a lover of R&B and thoughtful lyricists, then Jorja Smith’s “Lost & Found” is a must-have in your summer rotation.

by Sara Estelle Grayum
images via Instagram by Jorja Smith
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