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JunglePussy plays an alienated lover in the new visual for “Arugula”

JunglePussy plays an alienated lover in the new visual for “Arugula”

Brooklyn’s Junglepussy compares her love to a “tangerine dream song” on her newest single “Arugula”, as she muses about the dichotomy between unrequited love and mental health.

This track is – creatively – unchartered waters for JP, in that it’s nothing like we’ve ever heard before from the dynamic lyricist. Over the smooth, syncopated, ambient production of NYC’s Sporting Life, JP spits a chiper delivered like spoken word, that elucidates her qualms towards an inattentive lover who causes her pain, calls her crazy, then calls her his lady. 

Somehow JP pierces through the cloudy chasm of muddled feelings her lover leaves in his wake, taking back her power through introspection, rapping ambivalently “ wasn’t I the one to make you love the shit you hated?, introduced you to beet juice and artichoke?, acting funny in front me round your work folk, you don’t miss me you just know I need my back broke”.  

In essence, Arugula is framed as a parting love letter to someone who has taken JP for granted. It’s bitterly reminiscent by nature, raw and composed all at the same time. Although this spell-binding track comes as a surprise, we have an inkling that with this shift in sonic direction JP could be hinting at new music coming in 2020. Until that time comes, we can watch her play an eccentric, alienated lover in the Caity Renee directed visual for the track below.  

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