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Kenco Korp is the conceptual brand that is fusing streetwear with candyland

Kenco Korp is the conceptual brand that is fusing streetwear with candyland

Founded by stylist/designer Ashlee Valle in 2016, Kenco Korp is a rising, independent cutting edge brand delivering fits that are both sexy and beyond sexual. Matrix meets The Fifth Element meets something else we haven’t quite seen before. 

Urban, innovative, and a splash bizarre, Valle constructs pieces for both the everyday woman and the runway model, birthing a new prototype of clothes-wearer who fits into neither box. Boundaries melt. The old descriptions fail to please. Reaching a growing platform as a conceptual brand, it seems that Valle is on a mission not only to deliver a clothing brand but to express a larger idea through the methodical use of cut, fit, and fabric.

The earthy/eclectic Danger Dress is a total showstopper with casual draw-string detailing and free-spirited tie-dye. Witnessing Kenco’s lake–blue ruched puddle pants and their oversized money-green wool-sets makes you feel like these clothes that should and could be worn all around the universe. On earth or off of it, in any timeline. Self-described as hood meets intellect, it’s no surprise that Kenco Korp is based out of NYC. These pieces embody the playful and gritty energy of this city. Alice in Wonderland meets the 2am Berlin ravers. 

Wacky, unique, and fantastic, both the individual pieces and fits are absolute head-turners. Whether for your next rave, picnic, or photo-shoot, you can live out your next Hot Girl Summer in style with Kenco Korp.

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