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Lane Walkup sculpts dreamy, rainbow-colored yet somehow minimalist furniture art

Lane Walkup sculpts dreamy, rainbow-colored yet somehow minimalist furniture art

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Lane Walkup aka @earthtolane is the self-described illustrative sculptor who crafts durable steel wire into soft, beautiful, ethereal creations. Based in Portland, Oregon, Lane produces playful gestural interior objects and visual art straight out of her studio.

Walkup began her journey when she was introduced to an anvil and hammer, and
instantly fell in love. With her success, Walkup breaks down the idea of blacksmithing
being a male-dominated ancient practice, in turn melding a range of modern, delicate,
sensual shapes and creations.

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Hello from my living room to yours❕

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Everything is hand-made, making each piece unique and organic with a raw, tactile, but
polished feel- Lane takes minimalism and folky vibes to the next level. Her love for
nature subtly permeates through her wire designs, from her array of vases filled with
colorful flower bundles, house plants, and decorative half-moons. Our personal
favorite  ― Walkup’s airy pastel chairs enveloped in an assortment of flowers, tie-die fabric, and glittering stone mirrors. In addition to interior objects, Walkup also creates jewelry and hair pieces that are equally timeless and elegant. With a varied body of work, Walkup dissolves the fine line between object and art, becoming the cradle of the two.

Walkup’s products are in shops across the U.S, and even internationally, in Japan. Support independent artist Lane Walkup by visiting her online store and be sure to keep up with her on Instagram.

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