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Laquan Smith’s SS21 collection is an ode to the fast-paced luxury of the 70s

Laquan Smith’s SS21 collection is an ode to the fast-paced luxury of the 70s

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Inspired heavily by the sleek old school Cadillacs and fast lifestyles of extravagance, LaQuan Smith released a vibrant digital look book for his SS21 collection that lives at the intersection of past and future style. The garments feature a thrilling color palette — electric blue blouses with low-cut necklines, glossy deep turquoise capris, icy blue mini dresses with exposed, laced torsos, and — all irresistibly rich, sexy, and wearable. Smith plays with a lot of fabrics: satin, leather, and sheer silks, are utilized to bring to live his unique retrofuturistic vision.

Courtesy of Laquan Smith

The look book showcases 37 vibrant fits are mostly monochromatic which sets all of your attention on the particularities within the designs. Asymmetry, bright fabrics, puffed magenta sleeves, and juicy cutouts draw our eye up and down the silhouettes of orange, blue, neon olive, and acid-spotted jeans. It slowly cools down in a few spots with some muted options of pastels and deeper orange tones while never losing its enticing, erotic quality. Even Smith’s orange puffer is a teasing mini-length, and the fall-toned orange dress is a hot latex material that clings to the body.

Bustier dresses, leather catsuits, and bright pink trench coats are just a few of the staples brought into our sphere by Smith’s SS21 collection. You could seduce anyone in a piece from this look book. What did you think of the collection?

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