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Lars Gödeke is the UNFAMOUS environmentalist wearing the change

Lars Gödeke is the UNFAMOUS environmentalist wearing the change

They see balloons, I see plastic. In the quick and glittering dissociated world of modern fashion, Lars Gödeke is an anomaly, a rare figure. Lars is a slow fashion designer and environmentalist from Germany who works with recycled, organic fabrics. Slow design refers to the goal of the designer being one that promotes the well being of both the individual and the natural environment. 

Read Lars Gödeke’s manifesto over at his site.

This week, Lars brings his documentarist, rebellious eye to the front of the camera in the newest episode of “UNFAMOUS”—an intimate and individually-geared episodic series helmed by the BYUS Collective based in Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. BYUS introduces “UNFAMOUS” with the goal of showcasing important, intriguing, lesser known talents from all over the music, beauty, and art scenes. 

In today’s featured episode, directed by Yannick Müller and supported by Creative Director Anouk Jans, BYUS shines the spotlight on Lars, who takes us into his world of awareness, love, and action. Be the change. Wear the change. A slogan that calls for action, for being what you wish to see in the world. This episode is more than stylish activism; it reminds us of the obligation we have to this planet; to nurture it the way it has nurtured us.

Keep up with BYUS on their website and Instagram.

Check back with us next week for the next part of this inspiring series.

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