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Let’s discuss the fits at this year’s VMAs

Let’s discuss the fits at this year’s VMAs

Despite the current Corona climate we’re in right now, the MTVs Video Music Awards premiered this week, and the looks that were showcased were out of this world. Not only did Keke Palmer host the awards this year, making history as the first black woman to do so. Additionally, some new categories were created in honor of this crazy and unique year like, “Best Quarantine Performace” and “Best Music Video From Home”. I honestly thought the award show was going to be hosted on Zoom, but to my dismay, it wasn’t and we were able to see our favorite celebrities walk the carpet.

Lady Gaga

Starting off with a bang, Lady Gaga came in an array of outfits during the award ceremony. To go through all her outfits would take up more than a paragraph and unfortunately, I don’t have the privilege to do so. Focusing on my personal favorite of the night, Gaga pulls up in a silver avant-garde trench coat designed by Area, an upcoming New York brand that has been making its way to the mainstream lately. The look feels like she’s paying homage to the Moonman trophies given out at the VMAs. She wears a black dress underneath paired with a square-toed platform boot from Pleasures and a Sandy Cheeks inspired helmet designed by Conrad Muscarella.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat sports a dress from Versaces Spring-Summer 2020 season. The dress features colors like hot pink, orange, and red chainmail with embroidered flowers, and a fringe on the hem of the skirt. Does it look like palm trees are printed on the dress? I honestly can’t tell with the amount of stuff going on, the dress is very loud and I’m not sure it’s in a good way. Nonetheless, Doja looks gorgeous but the dress could have stayed on the runway.

Machine Gun Kelly

Dressed like an 80s Ken Doll looking for his Barbie, Machine Gun Kelly parades in a hot pink monochrome outfit, paired with a pearl necklace that reminds me of the famous Vivienne Westwood Saturn necklaces. For what men typically wear to award shows, I have to give him props for not coming in with a boring black and white suite.

Madison Beer

Mugler on the carpet, I repeat MUGLER ON THE CARPET! Madison Beer sports a gorgeous dress from Casey Cadwallader’s Mugler Ready-to-Wear Spring 2020 collection. The dress is see-through, allowing the audience to see the opaque black bodysuit underneath. My favorite think about this look is the gloves as it’s wrapped around her neck with cuts around her forearm. By far, one of my favorite looks of the night, its so simple but the details say so much.


A perfect example of simple but sexy, Maluma struts the carpet in an all-black Versace suit with gold detailing. Of course, being Maluma everything he wears he looks sexy in, but the black suit contrasting his blonde hair just gives it an extra uhmph, you know?

Jaden Smith

Can we take a moment and appreciate this multi-colored blocked jacket that Jaden is wearing? It reminds me of the paint by number sheets we did as kids but so much better. The psychedelic jacket is obviously the forefront of Jadens outfit as everything else is simple and clean to make sure your eyes focus on what’s most important, that jacket.

Bella Hadid

Everything about this outfit is just mouth-watering, Bella Hadid comes in with this beautiful sheer top that feels like a geometric puzzle. The whole outfit, excluding the shoes, is from Nensi Dojaka FW20 collection. The pants are the perfect baggy fit and the fingerless gloves tie the fit together, props to Carlos Nazario for being the best stylist out there.


Talk about logomania, Dababy comes on the carpet, sporting Louis Vuitton fur shorts, with a fur Supreme Jacket – all faux, we hope – and a Dolce cap. And if he wasn’t flexing on you enough, don’t forget about the Balenciaga shoes and the ice he has dripping around his neck. Honestly, this outfit wouldn’t be too bad if he lost the cap and switched out the jacket for something else.

Miley Cyrus

What’s better than sporting Mugler once on the carpet? How about twice? Miley Cyrus can not only pull off a mullet but a completely sparkly sheer dress with matching gloves that can blind you when it reflects. She pairs off the dress with some strappy heels, and can I just say? Wow, I absolutely adore this look.

Keke Palmer

Making history tonight, by being the first black woman to host the VMAs, it was only fair to end this piece talking about Keke Palmers Tiffany blue mini dress designed by Area. The diamond detailing really makes this dress worth it, and the cute bow on the side that has the silhouette of a butterfly. Keke looked absolutely stunning during the award ceremony and she did great hosting as well. Fingers crossed that she gets asked to host again next year.

Overall, though the VMAs this year wasn’t like the ones prior, the creativity to make it work as well as it did, with virtual performances etc made it worth while. We’re one step closer to being in a Black Mirror episode and honestly, I’m not mad at it.

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