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Live performances you can watch from bed while concerts remain on pause

Live performances you can watch from bed while concerts remain on pause

Music fans have taken to their favorite artists’ social media sites to ask if they’re getting their ticket money back. Majority of us are simply wondering if we will ever get concerts back. Alongside businesses all around the world, music venues are closing down, the pandemic restrictions inevitably lead to the inability to pay rent. The cancellation of large gatherings has us craving the magic of live concerts. Where you can share songs that hold specific memories for you with strangers and see those songs take on a new life. Where the sound from the speakers is so loud, it vibrates through your body leaving you no choice but to abandon any thoughts that aren’t the lyrics and instructions on how to move your body to the beat.

That sound that forces you to be uninhibited for at least an hour, letting the music take you to a place where you can scream, dance, cry, or just be. That feeling of freedom follows you the next day through your lost voice and bruises (if you’re into moshing). Live concerts serve as an intimate time to further connect you to the artist. With unfathomable numbers of fans, for one night a selection of you have their undivided attention. We learn about what the artists like to listen to, how they create beyond sonics with the set, outfits, and choreography. The artist confirms the reasons why you stan with live vocals and new renditions of your already favorite song. And it works both ways. They connect with the audience, who brave rainy weather, heat, and claustrophobic conditions, by seeing what lyrics resonates with us; all the different faces in the crowd recite with the same vigor and confirm how much their art means to the world.

No Zoom, FaceTime, or group chat session seems to be sufficient. People are still sneaking out to meet their friends sans mask because nothing beats meeting in person. The same applies to concerts. Verzuz battles (and their comment sections) are great, and I just attended my first virtual concert but, I can’t help but think of how it would’ve hit differently in person. As time continuously adds onto our lockdown sentence, we are inspired to look back on out favorite live performances – that you can also watch from the bed you are apparently never leaving.

Beyoncé at Glastonbury
N.E.R.D Live at Paris Summer Jam
Sade Live from San Diego
Janet Jackson Live from Hawaii
Thundercat Live from Oakland
Outkast Live from Alabama
Florence + The Machine Live from Glastonbury
Solange Knowles Live from Australia
Childish Gambino Live from Spain
Azealia Banks Live from Coachella
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