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Maisie Wilen explores digital fantasy for its RTW Spring 2021 collection

Maisie Wilen explores digital fantasy for its RTW Spring 2021 collection

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This season’s New York Fashion Week is looking a bit different from its usual upbeat and fast-paced environment — while some designers chose to showcase their collection in a socially-distanced runway, other designers decided to premiere their catwalk in a digital lookbook.

Playing with the concept of quarantine and digital consumption, Maisie Wilen debuted an eye-catching collection on Monday for its RTW Spring 2021 collection. 

Maisie Schloss, Parsons alumni and former Yeezy designer, launched the LA-based label last year, already cultivating an eccentric Instagram-ready image and has since dressed notorious superstars like Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner, and Charlie XCX. 

With a mountainous backdrop and whimsical printed imagery, Maisie Wilen explores digital fantasy with bold and playful concepts like crinkled metallics, flirty asymmetrical cutouts, and body-con heaven.

The collection also challenges the consumer’s perspective through garments. “My collection’s theme explores the effect of viewing images instead of having live interactions with design,” Schloss said. “I was working on this theme back in February, but coincidentally lockdown generated the exact environment of rarely seeing things in person, an ironically perfect setting for this research. In particular, this inspired me to create the fantasy-like imagery seen in the prints as quarantine warped and idealized the now inaccessible.”

While Maisie Wilen brings back its iconic perforated knits and featherweight jersey, the brand consistently incorporates striking detailing and introduces fresh yet deceptive techniques like silk printed trompe l’oeil (optical illusions), and airbrush-like details. The label also makes casual-wear fun with its boxy outerwear, fitted miniskirts, and cheeky graphic shorts.

You can now view Maisie Wilen’s full Spring 2021 Collection here!

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