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Maskne is real, get your skincare routines ready

Maskne is real, get your skincare routines ready

Your weekly trip to the grocery store has arrived, you throw on your favorite new slip (you know, the one you impulse bought online because, #TreatYoSelf), you just spent 45 min learning how to master the wing on Youtube, and you decide to couple your fit with the biggest pair of hoops you own – a classic go-to. You’re out the door and your mental checklist begins to run. Wallet? Check. Hand sanitizer? Check. Mask? “….damn it!”. Who would’ve thought our daily routine would involve remembering to cover our faces? And as mask wearing becomes a necessary part of our everyday fit, it’s time to think about how it affects our skincare routine. That’s right ladies, it looks like the coronavirus has another curveball coming at us. Maskne.

Maskne, otherwise known as acne caused by wearing a mask, has set its targets on even the most lucrative skincare enthusiasts. Whether we like to think about it or not, our masks have created the perfect environment for unwanted skin trouble, allowing bacteria to access our precious pores easier than ever before.

But before you freak out, you’re not alone. Now more than ever, it’s become vital for us to be open about our beloved skincare routine, in hopes of helping anyone dealing with the struggle So, in light of sharing – I’ve curated a selection of products + summarized the routine that has helped alleviate my skin of the stress caused by my god damn mask. And while everyone’s skin reacts differently, this regimen will help give you an idea of how to simply take better care of your skin.

First of all…. please, for the love of all that’s good in this world, take off your makeup!  After a long day of putting your mask on an off, bacteria and sweat are def doing the tango your skin. Yuck. I like to start by washing my face and ridding my skin of its impurities. I always use an exfoliant that’s gentle but still gets the job done – my fav is the jojoba exfoliating cleanser by (Malin+Goetz). A small amount goes a long way, this bad boy is packed with cilantro extract, ground jojoba (yum) and polylactic acid beads (double yum) – oh and the best part, it’s vegan, cruelty-free AND biodegradable. So you can save your skin without sacrificing the planet.

Next up, two words. ROSE. WATER. My absolute holy grail – I like to think my skin is sipping up all the goodness that comes from each spray. 5-6 spritz after washing my face and I feel like a new person. My go-to is the Heritage Store’s Rosewater made with only two ingredients Hydroessential Rose Oil & Vor-Mag water. For only $10, this staple is something I refuse to run out of. *Spritz Spritz*

And the hydration doesn’t stop there, after a good spritz, I apply Innisfree’s Youth-enriched Cream with Orchid – goes on like silk and my face feels ready to launch a thousand ships. After moisturizer, I love adding a little extra love by grabbing my trusted jade roller out of the freezer and rolling that baby all over – closes my pores and leaves me feeling icy.

As complicated as our skin may be, I’ve come to find that the power in having a proper regimen is key to keeping your skin happy. And let’s face it, dedicating 20 minutes out of our day to self-care isn’t the worst thing that could happen. So remember, wash, spritz, moisturize and take some time to compliment the person you’re looking at in the mirror. Your skin will thank you.  

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