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My winter skin- care guide is so due ??

My winter skin- care guide is so due ??

It’s mid march and still freezing outside, at least in Berlin. Dry skin sucks, dry lips are even worse; red, painful and flakey it’s often the culprit for ruined wintertime makeup looks for us foundation lovers. Anticipating the harsh side effects of the cold we compiled a list of products packed with moisture to keep our skin looking A1 this winter. And let us know your favorite winter products!

Preparing and Clearing the Skin

Heritage Store Rosewater Spray & Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera

These products work best together, IMHO. I pour the two products into a small spray bottle, about 30% witch hazel and 70% rosewater – a little cup of vodka so it doesn’t go bad, and then mist my face with the mixture – both morning and night. The dampness allows for all my creams, serums, makeup, etc. that come afterwards, to absorb better into my skin. These toners are also super gentle but effective in clearing the skin of oil and dirt accumulated throughout the day.

Tip: Spray onto a cotton ball and swipe around your face after washing. You might be surprised at all the makeup still left on your face even after cleansing.

Fragrance: Fresh and rosy.
Price: Witch Hazel – 12 oz. for $12.25
              Rose Water – 8 oz. for $12.10

Neroli & Lavender Complexion Oil

Oils are heroic during winter, even for those of us with oily skin. They help balance our natural oils, clear us of blemishes and keep redness at bay.

I found this gem during a trip to Joshua Tree a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. It’s made and sold in small batches by a super cool lady. The Neroli oil is vegan and free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances and parabens. Plus, it smells AMAZING – my skin always thanks me for it in the morning.

Price:1 oz. $26.95 + free shipping

Dr. Hauschka – Clarifying Day Oil

I love using the Clarifying Day Oil when my face is in need of some extra help all around – it does an amazing job of focusing on stubborn pimples without irritating the rest of my skin.

Fragrance: Light fragrance

Price: 1 oz. for $45.00

Rebalance Active Facial Oil

This is definitely more of a spot treatment product. I love that the Rebalance Active Facial Oil smaller bottle comes in roller form, which makes it a lot easier to be precise about the blemishes I want to zap away.

Fragrance: Light
Price:0.35 oz. for $28.00


iS CLINICAL CLEANSING COMPLEX + Philips Pure Radiance Facial Cleansing Brush

I love makeup but with with that comes great responsibility. My skin can be pretty unforgiving and I have to make sure to always cleanse thoroughly at the end of each day. After removing my makeup with a damp towelette I always go in with this combo. The facial cleansing brush clears my pores of any and all foundation while stimulating blood flow, and the iS CLINICAL gel leaves my skin feeling super clean and refreshed. If I am in a rush the cleanser also works wonders on its own.

Actually this product was recommended by my dermatologist. She explained how bad perfumes and silicones effect the skin and those little bastards are almost included in every drugstore skincare product. After I started using this I noticed a difference on my skin after only a few days. It’s very effective for removing makeup, excellent for all skin types and all ages. This product even helps with acne-prone skin since it cleanses the surface and pores of the skin without stripping essential natural oils,leaving your skin soft and smooth. Peace out, build up.

Fragrance: none

Price: 6 fl. oz. $51,83

Vitamin E capsules

Okay, so I don’t mean to sound like a total mom, but take your vitamins. Obviously, the supplements needed for one’s health differs from person to person, but Vitamin E capsules seem to be what was missing in my life. Taking it regularly has made a huge difference in my skin, hair and nails. But there are also tons of skin products that have Vitamin E as a main ingredient like the Body Shop’s Vitamin E collection, which includes everything from a night cream to a face mist.


LA MER – The Eye Balm Intense

So creamy and smooth that I always feel hella royal applying this Eye Balm. It keeps the sensitive areas around the eyes hydrated and ready for concealer. Definitely worth the hype and price.

Fragrance: If fancy had a smell it would be this
Price: 0.5 oz. $205.00

Below are two facial creams I’ve recently tried and loved – they kept my skin perfectly moisturised AND double as foundation primers. Saving money and looking cute ?

Embryolisse – Lait-Creme Concentre

Recently, while tumbling down a YouTube binge rabbit hole, I ran across an interview with model Paloma Elsesser. In the clip Paloma cites Embryolisse’s Lait-Creme Concentre to be one of her ultimate skincare faves (recommended to her by none other than Godmother of all things beauty, Pat McGrath). So obviously, I ordered a tube…maybe three and layered it on! A little late in the game, I now find it is a bit of a cult classic, but better late than never, right? And so happy I did. The cream delivers – light but packed with moisture, it sits nicely on the skin with no greasy finish.

Fragrance: Present, but slight and never overwhelming.

Primer Potential: Strong. I don’t like carrying around too many products when I am out and about or traveling so this baby’s double playing power is a huge plus!

Price: 2.4 oz for $28.00

Natural Pure Jojoba Oil

A great alternative to coconut oil is natural pure Jojoba Oil. It’s great for cracked skin and tough areas like knees and elbows. I also like how well it sinks into the skin and doesn’t leave me feeling overwhelmingly greasy.

Fragrance: Slightly nutty
Price: 4 oz. for $12.95


So, until I can afford to lather myself head-to-toe in La Mer during winter I’ll be sticking to these goodies.

By Carolina Ramos
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