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Paloma Elsesser | Model

Paloma Elsesser | Model

It is easy to see why Pat McGrath, one of the world’s most famous makeup artists, calls Paloma Elsesser one of her muses. Freshly signed with IMG models, Elsesser has been one of Glossier’s star poster girls since the brand’s inception, modeled denim for Khloe Kardashian’s Good American brand, sported looks for Nike and is part of Rihanna’s Fenty crew of models, which includes models Slickwood, Duckie Thot and Camila Costa (just to name a few). But apart from being drop dead gorgeous and an increasingly sought after model in the industry, her personal style sets her apart and makes Elsesser ultimate fashion and beauty #goals.

When Elsesser isn’t giving us skin-bod-face-everything envy on billboards she is rockin’ ~lewks~, which she shares with us less fashionable folk via her Instagram. And seriously – no one does a pop of color better than Elsesser. Whether she’ pairing a mini orange Prada purses with equally vibrant pants or toning it down in an avocado colored ensemble – she kills it and she makes it all look so effortless! Then there’s her makeup looks – she can wear a red lip or a blue shadowed eye with that level of casual coolness we all aspire to.

She often tops off her looks with a signature slicked backed chingon (major Sade vibes) and perfectly moisturized skin (totes stole her Embryolisse Lait‐Crème Concentré recommendation from an interview she did). And, umm, the end result is as flawless as her skin.

Additionally, Elsesser is constantly encouraging and discussing body positivity through her social media platforms. Often discussing personal experiences with self love and acceptance and recently, she hosted a live stream with GURLS TALK to talk about the topic. Seriously – what’s not to love?

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