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NBG of the week : Petra Collins| Artist

NBG of the week : Petra Collins| Artist

I have always loved Gucci. It’s not even really a brand anymore; it’s a universe. When I think of Gucci, I picture a tall, model-esque woman in Italy smoking a cigarette, clutching a shiny, structured brown leather bag. She is glamorous and confident and is definitely giving her haters a side eye underneath  translucent sunglasses. She’s a boss and she relishes in that. Or Gucci Mane.

Now, the Gucci woman has transcended with the times. Following the brand’s new commitment to casting diversity, Gucci released a video for its eyewear collection. Created by Petra Collins, the film features two Hungarian children and their grandmother (which are actually Petra’s real-life cousins and grandma) cast in an array of funky, playful glasses. Throughout the video, the kids launch into a whimsical universe filled with glamorous models and stylish grandmas, experienced through their bright pink lenses.

This vintage, whimsical, dreamy kind of feel is Petra’s aesthetic. Born in Toronto, Petra began photographing her sister and her friends in high school. At 17, she created an online collection of her work and began publishing on Tumblr and in Rookie. Flash forward to age 23: Petra has created fashion magazine spreads, walked the Gucci runway, and worked on an Adidas ad campaign and a music video for Carly Rae Jepson. Early 2017 Collins wrapped up In Search Of Us, a show at the MoMA about representation of the female body in art.
You go girl!

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