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NBGA Astro: Aries Season

NBGA Astro: Aries Season

If you’re feeling fiery and surging with confident, competitive, and maybe even a little bit of reckless energy – congratulations, you’ve got Aries season energy!

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Aries season began on March 21st and runs until April 19th, and it’s best described as spring fever. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries begins us anew with sparkling energy that’s ready to do, say, and play however it wants. Born into spring’s arrival, Aries are known for their confidence and fire, seamlessly matching up with fire sign energy. Winter is usually long, and Aries’ emergence represents our pent up energy finally being able to get out and do what it wants to do.

Aries’ presence marks a dynamic aura that knows how to excel. It’s a courageous, confident, and passionate energy that juggles between impatience and optimism. They switch back and forth from either being adventurers or homebodies. Probably because all that ambition needs a good long rest every once in a while. Manifestation abilities can become stronger during Aries season due to Aries’ sheer ability to believe in their pursuits wholeheartedly. They have very specific boundaries as well, and once you cross one of them, you’ll feel the fire. 

Keywords for Aries: Energetic. Fire. Honest. Passionate. Confidence. Physical. Temper. Gold. Game. 

In terms of fashion suitable for Aries’ style and season, think anything sexy. Aries combines chic and modern so they can move and exude their loud and happy energy. You’ll see backless tops, curve-hugging ensembles, and plenty of shimmering jewelry. 

In Aries season, you too will feel a surge of energy meant to push you forward. Take life by the horns. Order the tropical drink. Take pictures of yourself. But be sure to watch out for Aries’ temper and constant need for competitiveness. When they feel like it, Aries has a mean streak that makes appearances, and it’s pretty public. Remember that Aries is at her best when she’s hyping herself and her friends up, instead of seeing outside energy as a threat.

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 In the romance department, Aries knows what they want and they go for it. They’re quite vocal and confident in their approach, and this seasonal energy will help infuse your spring flings or summer romances with quite a running start! Just beware of that intermittent Aries jealously.

Aries season starts us fresh with newfound, welcomed energy, and we suddenly feel like doing and improving again. So this season, meet this reemergence of drive with confidence and faith, and reap the rewards of having a fierce belief in yourself. 

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