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NBGA Astro: Cancer Season

NBGA Astro: Cancer Season

Nurturing Cancer steps into the fold from June 21st to July 22nd – bringing us motherly energy, with a sense of home and emotion. Cancer’s mantra is “I feel,” and this season, yours can be too.

Cancer season is the perfect time to get in tune with your feelings and personal space. Cancer takes great pleasure in the comforts of home and family, and as such, feels their best when preparing and enjoying a family recipe, feeling appreciated by their loved ones, or expressing their emotions openly. 

On the flip side, Cancers can also be known to be overly emotional, attached, and unwavering in their opinions. Yes, the sign of The Crab can get crabby at times. Remember to find balance in Cancer season between what you want and need. As a sign that’s totally ruled by the moon, Cancer’s emotions push and pull like the ocean’s current. However, Cancers know exactly how to float above the waves, too. This season, remember to float!

Keywords for Cancer: Moon. Emotion. Feel. Mother. Nurture. Attach. Water. Domestic. Handcraft. Heart. Soft.

Cancer’s crab shell may make them seem tough on the surface, but inside they’re quite soft and vulnerable. Make no mistake: their vulnerability is a super power, and when properly channeled, can make them extremely relatable and easy to love. Being born deep into summer, Cancers know how to create a comfortable space away from all that heat. Though they also know how to bask directly in it. As a domestic sign, Cancer knows how to keep what they love safe, and in optimal condition. Spend time with your family and in your happy space. You’ll appreciate this time most, now.

Cancers are known as the moody sign, sometimes getting a little too deep into the waters of their feelings – and then proceeding to hurt those feelings. Deeply intuitive and sentimental, channel Cancer energy instead by appreciating the little things – and trusting your intuition to do some heavy lifting. Let what’s trying to leave go, instead cherishing what is happy to stay, in all facets of life.

Cancer Muse: Missy Elliot

In romance, Cancers are all for every stage of love. They are gentle and caring with their partners. This is a dedicated sign who dives in head first in relationships and is quick to commit. Enjoy the immersive quality of this kind of love, but do not make unhealthy compromises.

This season, truly cherish moments with friends and family like a Cancer would. Let it be your happy place. Feel what your intuition has been trying to tell you, and honor your emotions – just don’t overindulge them when they overstay their welcome. Allow yourself to be guided by your heart. Empathize with those around you – and of course, don’t forget to empathize with yourself.

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