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NBGA Astro: Capricorn Season

NBGA Astro: Capricorn Season

As the last earth sign of the zodiac and thus arguably the most mature, Capricorn sets high standards, and often doesn’t need anyone’s help achieving them. They are self-sufficient, focused, and professional. Welcome to Capricorn season. Grab those tweed pants and horn-rimmed glasses.

Looking to kick a bad habit or get organized? You’ve picked the right season to do it. Running from December 22nd to January 19th, those born into Capricorn season emerge into a world preparing for a new year, and also bundled up and fortified for winter in most places. This informs Capricorn’s staple personality traits as an independent planner with the enduring drive to complete any task before them, and complete it well. What would you expect when Saturn, the ruler of time and restrictions, rules Capricorn?

Keywords for Capricorn: Confident. Neat. Practical. Quality. Solo. Responsible. Classic. Leader. Timing. Discipline. 

If you want to channel disciplined Capricorn, stick to your tasks, actually get started on your New Year resolutions, and take action on your personal projects. Get cozy, hunker down, get it done. Manage your time and get those checklists out! Just beware of the workaholic tendencies of Capricorn and don’t overextend yourself. Be sure to take time—even if it is in scheduled increments—to rest and unwind. 

Capricorn’s legacy is enduring because they nurture it with quality effort that comes in the right measured increments. This season you too can feel a heightened ability in picking the right projects, and producing quality effort that will go a long way.

Opt for office boss chic for your wardrobe, and indulge in luxury brands that you know you can count on for the fits. Capricorns usually prefer neutral color palettes. Prioritize quality over quantity, and remember, Capricorns are masters of self-control. So don’t splurge! 

In sex and love, Capricorn is often dominant and pretty straightforward once they overcome their initial reserve and caution, so ask for what you want. But don’t forget the sugar on top. 

A sign of practicality, Capricorns can also have a tendency to come off cold, unforgiving and condescending if focused too deeply on their point of view. Capricorn is often right, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t listen. This season, make sure you do, too. 

So be brave and conquer with Capricorn energy this season. Because now is the right time to make a name for yourself. 

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