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NBGA Astro: Leo Season

NBGA Astro: Leo Season

We break the surface of Cancer season’s tide and enter Leo season from July 23rd to August 22nd. Yes, the lion’s mane is here to warm and remind us of who we are. All with some added music glam and confidence of course. Welcome to Leo season.

Leo Muse – Jennifer Lopez on the set of her Jenny from the Blockmusic video (2002)

The sun rules Leo. Born into the thick of summer, Leo is the sign that governs the sparkling vitality of life. Leo is the life of the party and friendly companion to all. That’s why Leo season is the time to allow your talents to inflate and your connections to catch flirtatious fire. Everyone feels more popular in Leo season, and we’re all finally able to let loose — all the while looking amazing.

A fixed fire sign full of energy, Leo loves luxury, vacationing, finding the fun in everything – and hosting. No wonder they’re social butterflies able to get along with pretty much anyone — their interests even align with those of many. The sign of the lion can be as magnificent as she is fierce, especially if she is a mother. So beware of her claws and teeth. You do not want to get on a Leo’s bad side. How does one piss off the lion? By treating them without the respect they deserve, being negative and uncompromising, or by raining on their parade.

Keywords for Leo: Confident. Fire. Sunny. Happy. Energy. Teeth. Abundant. Mane. Drama. Warm. Cheer. Bright.

When it comes to romance, a Leo is passionate and fiery. They share their feelings easily – confident in their ability to convey what they want and need. Find yourself in the same space this season. Just remember, Leos are also known for imposing their will. Remain mindful of boundaries. Not everyone wants to be led all the time. 

A Leo’s style is expensive. You’ll often find a Leo wearing flattering and sexy ensembles, always remaining fashion forward and unafraid to show some skin. They’ve got an outfit for everything, but will not stop shopping until the end of time. Of all the seasons, now’s the time to bring out your best and brightest pieces where you can. Also, it’s interesting to note that you can usually tell who is a Leo just by their hair. Do you have a friend with voluminous, healthy and thick hair? They’re likely to be a Leo.

Leo Music Madonna by Steven Meisel (1992)

In the western hemisphere, it’s hot out. Really hot. But Leo can take it. Summer best illustrates who they are; a spirit who is consistently confident in their ability to bring it. This season (just as with every season) you should be too. It’s time to have some fun and feel great about it. It’s time to walk like a lion. To let this fierce energy to help us bloom.

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