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NBGA Astro: Virgo Season

NBGA Astro: Virgo Season

It’s time to find new ways to become more efficient in your day-to-day life: in romance, careers, projects, and all things growth. Virgos are constantly reminding themselves how they can be better. As fulfilling as it is tiring – Virgos can’t help it. For them, the pursuit of perfection is half the fun. The other half is simply preparing for it. Welcome to Virgo season.

Virgo season runs from August 23rd to September 22nd – encompassing the first day of fall, and the end of summer – where everyone begins to prepare for the year ahead. Be it school, new cycles in work or new seasonal changes, who better to take on this shift than a Virgo? No one. Because if you know a Virgo, you already know that the span of time in which they are born describes them perfectly. They are always preparing for the next step, and ready to clean up the last. As you feel this energy this season, remind yourself to slow down and be present. There is no greater anxiety-inducer than thinking about the future, and what it could bring. Breathe in Virgo, and breathe out. One step at a time. You always get there.

Keywords for Virgo: Sharp. Efficient. Driven. Humble. Practical. Analytical. Ideal. Critical. Self. Organization. Purity. 

Sometimes Virgo feels it is inevitable that they are disappointed. This is because they hold such high standards for their surroundings – just as they do for themselves. Remember, just because you believe you always exceed those standards, doesn’t mean everyone else is holding themselves to the same level. This season, remind yourself that it’s not your job to hold everyone accountable. Remain responsible for yourself alone. By the energy of this season alone, it’s likely you already have enough on your plate!

As an earth sign, Virgo has a strong character and values. They often are the ones keeping everything organized and making sure the ball stays rolling. Find this same level of efficiency in yourself, wherever you need it. But avoid the Virgo pitfall of being overly critical. Try to remain evenhanded with yourself, and others.

In fashion, Virgo is polished and presentable. You’ll rarely see them without a clean and flattering outfit on. From hair to nails to shoes, they know how to shine. Gaudy, experimental, and low quality items are pretty much off limits.

In love and romance, Virgo needs a lover who makes them feel truly cared for. Only then will they show the softer side of their heart. Beneath it all, Virgo is very vulnerable. They prefer stability. Find this grounding energy in yourself whenever you need it – and don’t settle this season. A Virgo would never.

It’s time to get everything in order for the shifting seasons ahead. They will move fast, but luckily, Virgo always gets us off to a running start. With this season’s energy, don’t forget to cut yourself some slack – and for others as well. Keep your chin and your standards up for what you will and will not accept. The truth is that Virgo can do anything – and they know that. This energy will charge you with that same drive and focus. I don’t have to remind you of that this season – because a Virgo won’t let you forget it.

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