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Nensi Dojaka SS21 gives us sheer, dark, and sexy

Nensi Dojaka SS21 gives us sheer, dark, and sexy

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Nensi Dojaka’s ss21 line is a deconstructed daydream. Operating through sheer fabrics, overlapping shapes, and dark hues, Nensi Dojaka’s eponymous line is arguably one of the freshest and most dynamic of the season.

The aesthetics are, simply put, extremely cool. Dojaka’s pieces exude what it looks like when power is also chic. From sheer fitted tops with asymmetric cutouts to tights sewn up the center, the ss21 line plays with shape and symmetry, and is a very current homage to her interplay between delicate and severe. 

Dojaka told Forbes that she often references the ‘90s in the details of her work, but is also influenced by “the reality of now,” as she puts it.

The poetic silhouettes, tulle and organza materials, and flattering draping step out of a dark fantasy where the wearer is totally in control. Her draped twists are the definition of delicate crafting, and they certainly deliver a chic allure.

As only her sophomore collection, it is supremely impressive the way Dojaka has crafted such thoughtful, complex, and precise work by playing off of the imprecise. 10 Magazine aptly calls it “delicate tension.”

For Nensi Dojaka ss21, power is precise, and yet the precision speaks effortlessly.

Images Courtesy of Fashion East.

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