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The Return Of The Millennial Streetwear Brand, Baby Phat

The Return Of The Millennial Streetwear Brand, Baby Phat

Designer, entrepreneur, and model Kimora Lee Simmons Leissner has finally got her baby back. Leissner has been prowling around to find her famous streetwear brand with the feline logo, and recently purchased the label in hopes to relaunch it later on this year.

The brand was founded by Leissner 20 years ago under her then-husband Russell Simmons’ company, Phat Fashions and was the most profitable brand under the Phat Fashions’ umbrella. With sales exceeding $1 billion, hosting major fashion shows and being worn by many celebrities, the brand was a heavy-hitter in the streetwear market at the time. This time around, Leissner is striving for no less.  

She has revealed a little bit of the plans for the new collection, focusing on a “mainstream sportswear” approach for the brand, catering to millennials while sneaking in some of that late 90s, early 2000s nostalgia that we live for.

Leissner has expressed that her two teenage daughters, Ming Lee Simmons and Aoki Lee Simmons, were her main reason for getting her brand back. She wants to revive the brand that spoke for the generation then and knows that it can most definitely speak for the generation now. Baby Phat was a sign of the times, exemplifying the “need for messaging” with the brand’s famous logo bedazzled on phone cases, phone pouches and even going as far as releasing a limited edition mobile phone in the early 2000s.

Not much has been revealed about this long overdue relaunch but we are excited to get our hands on every millennial pink and jewel-encrusted piece that Kimora Lee sends our way.

By Lindsay Selliah
Cover Photo Baby Phat Ad 2008
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