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Our Favorite Tracks Of The Week: Drake, Coi Leray, Danny Brown & More!

Our Favorite Tracks Of The Week: Drake, Coi Leray, Danny Brown & More!

This week we put some respect back on Drake’s name, transcend with Tanerélle, and call Azealia Banks a bully. Check out our top tracks of the week below!

Coi Leray ft. Lil Gotit – Big

Atlanta and New Jersey link up in this track, “Big” with Coi Leray and Lil Gotit. With the heavy bass, it is a perfect turn up song for the car or the function. Coi and Lil Gotit trade verses about designer clothing, luxury cars, and significant others that turned out to be insignificant. Coi Leray is known for her stage presence, crowd surfing, and dominating moshpits. She brings that same energy to the track even as she whispers.
Favorite Line: “Hate when a n***a so extra, asking me s**t like Alexa”

Lauryn Hill – Guarding the Gates

This week the Queen & Slim soundtrack was released, and we can’t tell which one are we more excited about – the music or the movie. The highly anticipated film, Queen & Slim, will be released on November 27th, and we hope everyone has tickets. Until then, this track, “Guarding the Gates”, is holding us over. Ms. Lauryn Hill is back giving us beautiful runs on her song “Guarding the Gates” redone from its first release in 2009. The song centers around the theme of that ride or die, thick or thin, Bonnie & Clyde kind of love that we see in the trailer. Hill sings of not caring about the way anyone looks at her or treats her because she has the one thing that everyone wishes they had – love.
Favorite Line: “Tryna mix myself for society, but can you tell me where is love in anxiety”

Danny Brown – Best Life

Not to be confused with Lil Duval’s summertime hit, Danny Brown takes a new approach in talking about living his best life. The newly clean-cut and full smile Danny has still kept it grimy in his raps. He raps of the struggle of his life from childhood to fame. He touches on allotted paths for a young, black, underprivileged man, and how he prevailed and is going to make the most of the life he was given.
Favorite Line: “I was just a young n***a, know what I was headed for/ Jumped up off the porch, really, I wasn’t ready for it”

FKJ – Ylang Ylang

Just like the essential oil, FKJ’s “Ylang Ylang” promotes nothing short of relaxation. Mixing whale sounds, keys, and strings, FKJ flexes his musical techniques for everyone that doubted his talents. The track sounds like a breath of fresh air, like the aerial shots of greenery and oceans captured in the accompanying video. The video starts in a home with FKJ, pans out to all of these landscapes, and comes back to the home at the close of the video. As the visual depicts, listen to this track for a calming three-minute escape.

Azealia Banks – Billionaire Bully

No one is talking about Azealia Bank’s music, and our problematic fave took to Instagram to tell you all to listen with what the blogs expect from her – some controversial statements about what she would do to presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Go Socialism. “Billionaire Bully” is one of the two tracks released while the girls are eagerly waiting for Yung Rapunzel II. Banks brings the deep voice braggadocious bars on this snippet track.

Favorite Line: “Flip it like it’s repo, take it like I’m Deebo“

Tanerélle – Mama Saturn

Aptly titled “Mama Saturn”, in this track, Tanerélle likens the act of love and being in love with something otherworldly. The Atlanta artist serenades us in the accompanying lyric video with her song of existentialism, space references, and ultimately an all-encompassing love.
Favorite Line: “Align our bodies with the sky/’Til I am yours and you are mine“

Drake ft. Majid Jordan – Hold On, We’re Going Home

Don’t worry Drake, we would never boo you. October’s very own artist, actor, and businessman deserves more (and honestly would have gotten it in any other setting). We want to take it back to his third studio album, Nothing Was the Same, with the track “Hold On, We’re Going Home”. On this track, Drake mastered his singing voice, dedicating this song to a woman who he sees being the potential “one”.

Favorite Line: “‘Cause you’re a good girl and you know it”

Summer Walker – Riot

This week has been a rough one for Walker on her first tour. Just let Summer Walker make music and leave her alone. We want to admire her for the one part of the business that she does like – the music. What better track to pick than “Riot”? This song features Walker’s falsetto and a guitar. This simple track leaves room for her songwriting to shine and she does so by telling the story of two people that differ in expressing their love, which is eventually the downfall of the relationship
Favorite Line: “You think of roses and daisies, well I think of passion and fire like Hades “

Tory Lanez with T-Pain – Jerry Sprunger

All of a sudden, it’s 2005. This track teleports us back to the early 2000’s when Bush was president, velour tracksuits were in, and you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing T-Pain. This track could have just been called the “I’m Sprung” remix because it feels like the same song reincarnated. Tory Lanez has proven to be a pro at remixing old songs and the accompanying video shows his dedication to the 2000s with the Razor flip phone and the baggy white tee fits.
Favorite Line: “She fit the school and the gym into her workday”

Jhené Aiko – None of Your Concern

Jhené Aiko released “None of Your Concern” with an accompanying visual this week. The song undoubtedly is about closure from her recent relationship with Big Sean. In true Jhené fashion, her delicate airy sound touches on some deep and relatable relationship issues. From wanting to fight the new girl to feeling suicidal from the break. There are two sides to one story, and we did not expect to hear Big Sean’s. After a second pause that we all mistook for the end, Big Sean enters with the last verse to speak (and sing) his mind. The only thing left to say is, really? Nine times?
Favorite Line: “The audacity to question me, like you ain’t leave me out here on my own”

By: Lindi Bobb
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