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Our Favorite Tracks Of The Week: FKA Twigs, Burna Boy, & More

Our Favorite Tracks Of The Week: FKA Twigs, Burna Boy, & More

This week, FKA Twigs lets us into her “Holy Terrain”, Joy Crookes re-imagines some of Kendrick Lamar’s greatest hits with her “Yah/Element” Medley and Cosima is back with a refreshing new sound on “Close To You” (Moonlighting). Don’t miss out on our top tracks!

Burna Boy – Gum Body (Feat. Jorja Smith)

Burna Boy and Jorja Smith team up for this simmering and melodic dancehall banger; complete with syncopated drum patterns, reggae bass, and spatial saxophone ornamentation. The pair incant Hennessy-induced sweet nothings to each other, as they ponder upon the possibility of salvaging a past relationship.

FKA Twigs – Holy Terrain (ft Future) 

Twigs’ sophomore “Magdalene” is on the way, and she’s back experimenting with hip-hop soundscapes alongside Future on her newest single “Holy Terrain”.  Her cutting falsettos juxtapose the heavy-hitting trap instrumental as she yearns “for a man who can follow his heart” and “not get bound by his boys and his chains” 

Cosima – Close To You (Moonlighting) 

South London songstress Cosima’s rich, distinctive vocal tonality is utterly striking on her newest release “Close To You”. On this affecting ballad, she longingly soliloquizes about giving her all to be close to the one that she loves. Turns out, her lover is “someone special”, but someone who’s also “f*cked up too”.   

Celeste – Strange (Piano Sessions)  

Celeste is a wordsmith and a poet, and on the haunting “Strange” she perfectly elucidates the uneasy feeling we get when we know we’re growing apart from the ones we love. Her husky, soulful vocals shine to the tune of a minor piano arrangement as she illustrates the inevitable cycle of love that goes “from strangers to friends/ friends into lovers/ and strangers again”. 

Joy Crookes – Yah/Element (Medley) 

Joy Crookes jazzes up Kendrick Lamar’s “Yah” and “Element”, amalgamating and re-arranging the Grammy-winning records into a gorgeous medley. The “Mama May I Play With Danger?” songstress harnesses her distinguished warm vocal to deliver an impressive performance that showcases her insurmountable talent.

By Tahirah Thomas
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