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Our Favorite Tracks Of The Week: Frank Ocean, Rosalia, J Hus & More

Our Favorite Tracks Of The Week: Frank Ocean, Rosalia, J Hus & More

This week Col3trane and Miraa May take us on a “Rendezvous”, we travel back to Frank Ocean’s bedroom – where it all began – with the iconic singers’ “In My Room” and Rosalia channels some serious Frida Kahlo energy on “A Pale”. Don’t miss out on our top tracks below!

Audrey – Paper

On this chilled-out trap banger, New Jersey’s Audrey muses about the lure of money. Her angelic vocal glides over the sparse atmospheric arrangement, which is further bolstered by its characteristic hip-hop hi-hats and perfectly timed ‘Kill-Bill’ sirens, provided by producer Anwar Sawyer.

Standout Lyric: “And if I love you then it’s all about the paper/ and if I miss you then it’s all about the pay-cut”.

Frank Ocean – In My Room

Frank Ocean is back, and this time with another gorgeous experimental R&B offering. On his newest track “In My Room”, he merges the worlds of R&B and Hip-Hop seamlessly, as he navigates the sonic atmosphere this infectious record immediately induces and muses about his“lust for life”.

Standout Lyric: “Quit being violent with me.”

ODIE – North Face

ODIE searches for the object of his affections on this funky guitar-led track, as he sonically encapsulates the daydreams of a young man who works long hours in a dead-end job, whilst simultaneously grappling with concepts of modern love when his mind drifts away whilst he’s on shift. “North Face” is an unmissable jazzy soliloquy, told from a refreshing perspective and with a unique sound.

Standout Lyric: “You’re on my mind when I’m lonely/maybe you’ll find me in your own way.”

Moxie Knox – Love Me Right

New York’s Moxie Knox laments over a possessive lover on her emphatic new single “Love Me Right”. On this track, the captivating songstress takes us through the stages of what turns out to be a one-sided and controlling relationship. In the hook, Knox reclaims the love she gave and re-directs it inwards toward herself singing. “If you cannot love me right, oh/I’m gonna love me/ ‘imma be on my side, oh/I’m gonna love me”. 

Standout Lyric: “I’m tired of trying to save this, oh no/when you clearly don’t want me to be great.”

Col3trane & Miraa May – Rendezvous

Londons’ rising R&B heavyweights Col3trane and Miraa May team up for this unforgettable dancehall banger centered around a mysterious rendezvous. Over a bouncy atmospheric steel pan arrangement, the pair profess their loyalty towards one another, as Miraa’s affecting falsetto’s ring out in the chorus singing, “you’re my winner you, you’re my only one, right from the start”.

Standout Lyric: “Come rendezvous, comment allez vous?/pardon my french while I put it on you.”

Melii – No Hard Feelings

New York’s Melii just gets better with time. On her newest single “No Hard Feelings”, she exudes self-confidence as she tells an undeserving ex to kick rocks. To the tune of hard-hitting 808’s and a dynamic guiding guitar sample, the rapper’s sassy lyricism and infectious flows are given the chance to glisten.

Standout Lyrics: “Say, “No hard feelings”, well it’s mutual (damn)”

Russ – Best On Earth feat. BIA

Russ and BIA hit-up probably the wildest stripper party in the world in the visual for their hit song “Best On Earth”. Both rappers deliver braggadocios verses about their sex-appeal, to the tune of a cleverly sampled bed-creaking – honestly…need we say more?

Standout Lyric: “I got drip on the floor and it’s gettin’ nasty.”

J Hus – Must Be

J Hus is back stronger than ever on his newest release “Must Be”, as he reminds us to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing to the tune of a stunning improvised saxophone and atmospheric string quartets. The beloved London rapper always keeps in his peripheral the triumphant afro-trap sound that he has worked so hard to pioneer in recent years in collaboration with producer JAE5; always remember, “If it look like a opp/chill with a opp, hang with a opp/then it must be”…

Standout Lyric: “Every time I speak it’s a money conversation.”

Lord Apex – Eternally Blessed

Lord Apex is feeling all eternally blessed over this texturally complex and dynamic beat, as he carefully de-constructs his mind-state over the course of this impressive track. Apex’s English-accent becomes the sonic highlight of the record, juxtaposed with the audibly Americanised hip-hop samples used to construct the bulk of the arrangement.

Standout Lyric: “Eternally blessed as I take my rest/knowing shit’s all good where my life’s at.”


There’s no stopping Rosalia! The bonafide flamenco-revivalist is back experimenting with a new electronic sound on her dangerous new single “A Pale”. On this track, the unique talent defies her own musical status-quo, rapping maleficently. All the while, breaking down any preconceived perception of her ever-changing artistic style and showing us her shadow self in paying homage to the late Frida Kahlo throughout the groundbreaking visual for this captivating record.

Standout Lyric: “Desde el día en que nací/traigo la estrella que llevo.”

*” Since the day I was born/ I’ve carried the star that I have.”

By Tahirah Thomas
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