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Our Favorite Tracks Of The Week: Kanye West, Kojey Radical, Dreamville & More

Our Favorite Tracks Of The Week: Kanye West, Kojey Radical, Dreamville & More

This week Denai Moore takes us To The Brink of love, Kanye West encourages us to Follow God and be more Christ-like, and Kojey Radical wipes away our Cashmere Tears. Don’t miss out on our top tracks below!

Denai Moore – To The Brink

Denai Moore laments over not being able to “pull the plug” on a failing relationship throughout this hard-hitting, genre-defying track. The versatile songstress addresses those overwhelming emotions felt when leaving someone you love behind, while you’re both hanging on to the parts of yourself you shared unconditionally.

Favorite Lyric: “It’s been moving in my head, what you said to me last week…”

JGrrey – Dreaming Fool

JGrrey is dreaming the seasons away on her newest release. This infectiously soulful track draws reference from a love that feels too good to be true, one that you don’t want to wake up from, as the multifaceted songstress croons, “I never thought I’d feel the way that I do…” and likens herself to a “dreaming fool”. 

Favorite Lyric: “Everything you say has less of a distance, never felt this before…”

Kojey Radical – Cashmere Tears

Kojey Radicals’ newest single comes dripping in funk, as the charismatic rapper showcases his lyrical incendiary, riding the beat with impressive flows and punchlines that land beautifully; “Cashmere Tears” sounds smooth as silk.

Favorite Lyric: I’m a libra tonight, never quick to decide, then I dip to the side…

TeaMarrr – Kinda Love

TeaMarrr is back harnessing her glorious falsetto as a vehicle to elucidate what she truly wants in a man on “Kinda Love”. In the hilarious visual, with a little help from ‘love therapist’ Issa Rae and work colleagues like Taliwoah, TeaMarr works on building her perfect match at the love factory.

Favourite Lyric: “I want that won’t creep, won’t sneak kinda love…”

Jean Deaux – Back 2 You

Jean Deux has been up “hustlin’ since 6:45”, meanwhile her no-good-ass dude can’t even find the time to call her back…sound familiar? On this charming upbeat track, Deux is boasty and self-assured as she outlines all the reasons why she’s that b*tch’.

Favorite Lyric: “A NASCAR b*tch can’t see me with the drive…”

Steve Lacy – Playground

Escape to a disco in the late-70’s with Steve Lacy on his catchy single “Playground”. On this gorgeous track taken from Lacy’s most recent solo album “Apollo XXI”, the singer croons about equalling his lover’s playful nature in love.

Favorite Lyric: “Two can play the game when it feels so right next to you…”

Tyler The Creator – I THINK

Tyler The Creator (or should we say Igor) is all flustered and distracted by the object of his affections in this glorious visual for the track “I THINK”. To the tune of dynamic percussion, Igor pours over how to tell his lover about his feelings, while simultaneously questioning his boys’ motives and pondering upon whether or not he’s falling in love for real.

Favorite Lyric: “I think I’m falling in love, this time I think it’s for real…”

Dreamville – Down Bad feat. J.I.D, Bas, J. Cole & EarthGang & Young Nudy

Dreamville proves that they’re strong as a unit on the exhilarating “Down Bad”. “Head Huncho” J.Cole spits a fire verse as-ever, J.I.D characteristically raps at light-speed about “fading n*iggas at The Fader Fort, BAS brings his expected cool-boy charm, EarthGang’s Johnny “Olu” Venus proves he’s “a living, schemin’, testimony” and Young Nudy’s opening feature provides some added East Atlanta flavor to bolster the vibe encompassing this absolutely contagious beat.

Favorite Lyric: “I was just f*cked up, I was just down down bad…”

Amun – Get Pounds

Amun is next up – with a dynamic sound like nothing you’ve heard before and consistently beautiful vocal lines encompassing all her recently released tracks – there’s no doubt she’ll be taking over the airwaves come 2020. On “Get Pounds” she half-sings half-raps coolly about getting to the bag, “hoppin’ on flights” and living a ‘rockstar lifestyle’ to the tune of a seemingly grime influenced R&B beat.

Favorite Lyric: “Get pounds, you know that’s the hobby…”

Kanye West – Follow God

Kanye West is back and spreading the good word with his new album “Jesus Is King”. On “Follow God” the prolific rapper and innovative sampler re-visits the spiritual messages conveyed in 2016’s “Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1”, as he elucidates the struggle of living a humble life given his idiosyncratic circumstances.

Favorite Lyric: “Pressin’ on the gas, supernova for a night light…”

By Tahirah Thomas
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