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Our Favorite Tracks of The Week: Kaytranada, Rico Nasty, Lil Uzi Vert & More!

Our Favorite Tracks of The Week: Kaytranada, Rico Nasty, Lil Uzi Vert & More!

This week we sing a ballad with O.T. Genasis, cry a little with Moses Sumney then hit the dance floor with Kaytranada and Tinashe. Have a scroll and listen to our top ten tracks of the week!

O.T. Genasis – Never Knew

O.T. Genasis pays homage to Keyshia Cole with his new song “Never Knew”. In an era of remakes, O.T.’s rendition of the 2005 classic,”Love“, is a much needed track. Gangsters like to sing too. Instead of belting out a love song, this is a call to all crips that everyone needs to hear.

Favorite Line: “It’s killing me, a third degree/ I shot my opp from a distance”

Only The Family & Lil Durk – Blika Blika

Lil Durk is back with the onomatopoeias. His new album with collective, Only the Family, Family Over Everything, feature this track “Blika Blika”. He references percocets, gun paraphernalia, and addresses people appropriating street life. Lil Durk brings a thumping bassline and the energy found in his hits like “No Auto Durk” on this track. So, still it’s a bop even though it is a bit dark. The accompanying video literally gets dark as well with dark lights and neon animation.

Favorite Line: “Pills got me in no auto mode, tools like AutoZone”

Mary J. Blige – Be Happy

Mary J. Blige is back to remind us that not only is she the queen of dancing in knee high boots, she is the queen of R&B. She recently released HERstory Vol.1,  a compilation album of her biggest hits from the nineties remastered. This track, “Be Happy” is one of our favorites. She sings of her main goal in any relationship and in life- to be happy.

Favorite Line: “How can I love somebody else when I can’t love myself enough to know when its time to let go”

Kaytranda ft. Tinashe – The Worst In Me

Kaytranada has delivered 17 new dreamy dance songs on his newest album Bubba. The album is filled with collaborations from SiR to Pharell Williams. Kaytranda teams up with Tinashe on “The Worst In Me”, a track about a relationship where the participants are undeniably incompatible.  Although, the relationship is a bit of a downer, the beat makes up for it. Tinashe’s soft r&b voice pairs well with Kaytranada’s signature dance sound. This track is perfect for getting drunk and crying on the dance floor.

Favorite Line: “Everytime you fall asleep, I feel like its finally peace of mind”

Solange – Jerrod

In celebration of the extended director’s cut of the film When I Get Home being released for our viewing pleasure, we decided to revisit the accompanying album. Solange’s fourth studio album made the Best Albums of 2019 list for various publications and we would have to agree. The songs have seamless transitions and are a sonic exploration. One of our favorite tracks is “Jerrod”. It is a song about love and the way she has given herself entirely to this relationship.

Favorite Line: “Give you all the things I want”

A$AP Ferg – Jet Lag

A$AP Ferg dropped an new single and visual titled “Jet Lag”. The video details all of the terrible ways catching a flight can go. From hijacking to actually having to use one of those masks that fall from the ceiling, these scenarios were catastrophic. Ferg raps about him being way more stylish than you, using the double entendre of being fly to actually being in the sky.

Favorite Line: “Tiffany give me diamonds, that’s a different kind of glow ”

Moses Sumney – Polly

Moses Sumney is back with a new single entitled “Polly”. The song is familiar to his previous works with the layered harmonies and guitar. It feels sonically melancholy as well as lyrically. The track follows a couple with two different ideas of what the relationship is. One more enamored than the other, it is a recount of being taken advantage of and treated unfairly. As heartbreaking as the song and lyric video is, you can’t help but feel happy with Sumney’s vocal choices and abilities.

Favorite Line: “Are you dancing with me? Or are you merely dancing”

Lil Uzi Vert – Futsal Shuffle 2020

While we wait for Eternal Atake, Lil Uzi Vert has released the single for the album, “Futsal Shuttle 2020”. This track was birthed from his background in dance and Triller, the app responsible for breaking so many hits in the past few years. It still sticks to Lil Uzi’s familiar subject matter of girls, his money, and his wardrobe. It differs in how it is prompting everyone to take out their phones and record their best footwork.

Favorite Line: “I sent that girl a DM She ain’t answer so you know that I gotta shoot two at her”

Rico Nasty – HARD

Again hearing this song after it leaked on Triller,  Rico Nasty has released “Hard” with an accompanying visual. The lyrics are self explanatory and the energy is unmatched like most of her music. Her animated voice and style is paired with split screen scenes of eating endless pancakes in bed and fish eyed shots of riding in a luxury car for the video.

Favorite Line: “I’m up on the roof, I was just on the floor /How the f**k did I get rich when I was just poor?”

Sinead Harnett – If You Let Me

Three years after the original, Sinead Harnett released an acoustic version of “If You Let Me” to remind us how much we loved the song in the first place. She trades the bass and electronic sound GRADES provided in the first version for an acoustic guitar and her vocal gymnastics. Harnett sings of her longing for a past love she isn’t quite ready to give up, ultimately pleading for another chance.

Favorite Line: “Hurts me the most when I wake I fumble and twist, ’til the truth starts to click”

By: Lindi Bobb
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