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Our Favorite Tracks Of The Week: Peggy Gou, Sudan Archives, Ms.Banks & More

Our Favorite Tracks Of The Week: Peggy Gou, Sudan Archives, Ms.Banks & More

This week Sudan Archives shares her Confessions, Lous and The Yakuza confronts life’s ever-present Dilemma, and Peggy Gou sonically encapsulates the phenomenon of a Starry Night. Don’t miss out on our top tracks below…

Subculture – The River Bend ft Rachel Chinouriri 

Rachel Chinouriri’s dynamic and warm vocal lends itself to Subcultures’ free-jazz inspired, hip-hop leaning sound on this masterpiece of a track.

Standout Lyric: “Thank God I made it, I’m through…”

UMI – Love Affair [Episode 1 – Love Languages] 

UMI muses about her crush to the tune of a smooth mellotron on her newest track, as she sonically elucidates that familiar feeling of unease we get when we wonder whether the ‘apple of our eye’ likes us back. Could it be love, lust or simply a love affair?

Standout Lyrics: “So when I’m gonna know what to feel inside baby?”

Ms Banks – Bad B Bop 

East London (*not Hackney) rapper Ms. Banks did not come to play on her newest track Bad B Bop. She’s suave, self-assured, and ready to snatch wigs as she forges this unforgettable bad b*tch anthem for all you independent ladies out there to bop too – pardon the pun. 

Standout Lyrics: “Don’t need your backhanded compliments, I’m confident, I move with the ambiance…”

Summer Walker – Playing Games (with Bryson Tiller)

Summer Walker and Bryson Tiller team up to bring you this sultry R&B offering centered around deconstructing expectations in relationships – cleverly drawing lyrical references from Destiny’s Child’s iconic track “Say My Name”.

Standout Lyric: “Really want to give your all, but flex in front of your friends, how that work?”

Rebound – Savannah Cristina 

Savannah Cristina soliloquizes about her ex’s rebound on this emotive ballad, showcasing her impressive vocal ability and songwriting prowess as she gorgeously incants “baby lets just be real/you wanna be with me now/tell me how it feels to be lovin’ on a rebound”.

Standout Lyric: “It is a life worth living if it’s without me, is it a lie worth telling if it’s about me?”

Beabadoobee – I Wish I Was Stephen Malkmus 

Beabadoobee is giving us playful grunge on her newest release from her upcoming EP “Space Cadet” (October 18th). In true Bea fashion, she muses about liking her new blue hair, her penchant for crying to 90’s indie-rock band Pavement’s music and her yearning to be just like their legendary lead singer Stephen Malkmus.

Standout Lyric: “Guess I’m tryna get by, ’cause like the weather, I change with time…”

Peggy Gou – Starry Night 

Peggy Gou is back with an infectious dance track to fend off those autumnal blues, creating a beautiful ambient soundscape for her uplifting piano melodies to thrive in, encompassing she successfully forges a glittering sonic moment. Oh, and she’s singing in her native-Korean – what more could you possibly want from a track?

Standout Lyric: “We are like the moment more than this moment…”
“지금 이 순간 보다 더 순간 같은 우리들…”

Lous and The Yakuza – Dilemme 

Lous and The Yakuza raps about escaping the problems of life and retreating to a place where she doesn’t have to deal with its daily dilemmas on this beautifully composed and affecting track.

Standout Lyric: “You’re not perfect, your mistake is human…” 

“Tu n’es pas parfaite, ton erreur reste humaine…”

Sudan Archives – Confessions

The multi-faceted songstress and violinist Sudan Archives’ highly anticipated debut album (Stones Throw) is on the horizon. So, it’s only right that she’s blessed us with new music in the form of her gorgeous lead single “Confessions” – where over an infectious looping violin sample she soliloquizes about her rise and fall on the way to greatness.

Standout Lyric: “There is a place that I call home, but it’s not where I am welcome, and if I saw all the angels, why is my presence so painful?”

Raveena – Petal

Raveena Aurora shares the unmissable, trippy new visual for her track ‘Petal’, taken from her debut LP “Lucid”. Her affecting falsetto’s build the skeleton of the record, creating hypnotic harmonic dissonance that makes the listener feel like they’re floating with the enchanting songstress throughout the confines of a ‘shroom induced fever dream.

Standout Lyric: “I am weightless. under sunny sun, I am weightless, knowing death is soon to come…”

By Tahirah Thomas
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