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Our Favorite Tracks Of The Week: Yung Baby Tate, Vince Staples, SiR & More!

Our Favorite Tracks Of The Week: Yung Baby Tate, Vince Staples, SiR & More!

This week we jump through windows with Vince Staples, keep it pimpin’ with Smino, and heat things up with Teyana Taylor and Kehlani. Check out our top ten tracks of the week below!

SiR – John Redcorn

Off of his latest album, Chasing Summer, Inglewood’s own, SiR, references King of the Hill on his track “John Redcorn”. Like the album, this song follows the difficult situations that can occur when in love. SiR sings from the perspective of the man involved in an affair where the woman stays in her relationship rather than being with him – the ongoing secret of John Redcorn on King of the Hill. SiR taps into a mellow r&b sound backed by piano, guitar, and hi-hat hits that resonate even if you haven’t had an affair.

Favorite Line: “Why am I alone if I know that you want me too? Am I wrong?”

Yung Baby Tate – CAMP

Written, produced, and performed by Yung Baby Tate, “CAMP” is a track about escaping to a place where being yourself is the only thing that’s important. This track is her newest single after releasing her album, GIRLS, in June. Tate’s harmonies add to the magic of the fantasy camp, and if her vocals aren’t enough, she adds in a verse at the end of the song to remind you she raps too. With various flows, pockets, and musical talents, the Atlanta artist is definitely cementing her spot as next up.

Favorite Line: “Tell her move like Ludacris, when I stepped in the room they said ‘who is this’ “

Tame Impala – It Might Be Time

Tame Impala has announced that they will be releasing their fourth studio album entitled, The Slow Rush. The album is anticipated to come out on February 14th, so it’s going to be a great Valentine’s day no matter what. Tame Impala has put out this track “It Might be Time” to hold us over. It features Kevin Parker’s signature dreamy vocals and honest lyrics. The Australian writer, producer, and musician battles with the voices in his head, as they are not letting him have fun on his night out despite all his attempts to. This single tackles topics of relationships, paranoia, and mortality over a melange of synths, keys, and kick drums.

Favorite Line: “You ain’t as cool as you used to be/ It might be time to face it”

Smino – Trina

Smino reminisces on his first time in Miami on the chorus, of course, paying homage to the Queen of Miami, Trina (who this track is also named after). On every listen to this track, you’ll find a new pop culture reference, from Spongebob to the movie Friday. The beat, produced by Lido and Kenny Beats, provides a bass line to match the St. Louis rapper’s quirky, energetic, and unmatched flows. The video is just as colorful as the track with extravagant pimp suits and bubble gum pink Cadillacs at the “Underwater Player’s Ball”.

Favorite Line: “Carrots in my teeth like I’m a vegan gotta floss”

Young M.A. – The Lyfestyle

Besides the questionable food combinations like hot sauce on Ruffles Sour Cream and Onion chips, we are feeling Young M.A.’s “The Lyfestyle”. As the title suggests, the song details the rapper’s life, the ups, and downs that has lead her to this point. The New York rapper is now at the point in her career where she believes she deserves all of the accolades, women, and money – and asks for it all in this track.

Favorite Line: “I hate paying bills, yeah I’m rich but I’m cheap too”

Vince Staples – Sheet Music

Episode 02 of The Vince Staples Show was released this week with more stunts and appearances from Buddy and Ray J. The wait after the first episode, “So What“, was well worth it. Vince seeks refuge from his girlfriend at Ray J’s humble abode where they reference that time Ray J broke the internet – with his hat placement on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. The accompanying track is called “Sheet Music”, presumably a double entendre to the start of the episode where Staples is caught in another woman’s bedsheets. He plays with his vocals on this track, using more autotune than his previous works and raps on an uptempo beat of big booties like in episode 1, Poppy St., and having relations with someone’s baby mama.

Favorite Line: “Women who ain’t had evictions, they depress me”

Buddy – Hollyhood ft. Kent Jamz

With a chorus reminiscent of Nate Dogg, this track amply titled “Hollyhood” has an undeniable West Coast sound. Buddy released this single following his debut album, Harlan & Alondra, keeping the same subject matter of triumphs and losses, and making it out of difficult situations. The track is filled with Buddy’s bubbly personality and rhyme schemes that make you instantly visualize him dancing as animated as he is on stage.

Favorite Line: “I got somebody daughter cryin’ tears of joy when I f*** her to that Cam’ron, screaming Oh Boy”

Teyana Taylor, Kehlani – Morning

As they are both in public heterosexual relationships, we understand this is all in fun but, this track and visual from Teyana Taylor and Kehlani is what the queer girls (and straight guys) didn’t know they needed. Following K.T.S.E., Teyana Taylor has been killing the collaboration and directing game. In this track, she reminded us of her vocals and her sex appeal (as if we’d ever forgotten). Taylor stays in her old school r&b sound with subtle falsetto while Kehlani taps into a subtle melodic rap.

Favorite Line: “I’m a little bark, but I’m all bite”

Mereba ft. JID – Sandstorm

Adding to their list of collaborations, this Dreamville duet sings about the instability of relationships. Despite how unhealthy they can be, people still tend to stay in them until it gets disastrous, like a sandstorm. “Sandstorm” is off of Mereba’s debut album, The Jungle Is the Only Way Out. It is expected for singer-songwriter Mereba to soothe us with her smooth sound, but it is tracks like these that show us the hidden vocal abilities from rappers like JID.

Favorite Line: “Inside it’s killing me baby, outside I’m cucumber cool”

Christian Rich, Jaden, Vic Mensa, Belly – SHIBUYA (GHOST II)

Vic Mensa, Jaden, and Belly trade verses on this track titled “SHIBUYA (GHOST II)” and we are still trying to figure out which one goes the hardest. This unlikely trio was brought together by the Nigerian production duo, Christian Rich, who are responsible for this dark and mysterious sounding trap beat. The visual to this track features an afro futuristic anime that people are just as excited about as the song.

Favorite Line: “In the club reading CNN, all of these b****es is old news.”

By: Lindi Bobb
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